How to Develop Your Unique Coaching Vision

How to Become a Life Coach Step 2

What is a coaching vision? It’s a broad, inspiring view of your business, including a clear statement of who you are going to serve and how.

If aptitude and ability are the sail on your journey towards becoming a life coach, then having a clear vision is the rudder that will guide you through the inevitable challenges and obstacles.

At the iNLP Center, we help students develop a unique coaching vision at the start of the program. Here are some of the areas included:

  • Identify personal interests and strengths that will help them build their business
  • Describe the specific types of problems they want to help clients solve
  • Determine their coaching niche and describe their ideal client
  • Pinpoint what motivates their ideal client
  • Identify how much money they want to make and how many hours they would like to work
  • Determine whether or not their financial goal is realistic
  • Prepare for their own potential stumbling blocks

The benefit of getting clear on the above at the beginning of your life coach training is that you can tailor the course to your unique vision from the start. Becoming clear about your own motivation and specific stumbling blocks allows you to work on yourself throughout the course. This is how to become a life coach!

One iNLP Center student listed her stumbling blocks as:

  • Feeling she was not good enough (who am I to coach others?)
  • Concern over her limited experience with coaching
  • Worry that her accent made her less credible to native speakers
  • Fear of rejection and failure

Armed with this list of obstacles, she was able to persevere through the coach certification and address them in the process.

And remember this…

You don’t need to be perfect to be a life coach.

You are and always will be a normal person with your own unique challenges and struggles. Just like everyone else, you can choose to work each day to become the best version of yourself. The life coach training you choose should not just teach you how to coach, but also show you how to address your own challenges, giving you more confidence overall.

Hope Bundrant
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