Discover How You Can Eliminate The Self-Defeating Behaviors That Are Holding You Back……

The AHA Solution Is A Revolutionary Program That Helps You Understand The Inner Workings Of Your Own Mind… So You Can Identify The Root Cause Negative Behaviors… And Change Them

 If you’re like most people, you wake up each morning… and everything is the same as it was the day before.

You wish and hope for a better life… but you’re “stuck.”

It’s as if something is holding you back… you always seem to do the wrong thing or make bad choices.

You have dreams and personal goals. But you wait for change that never comes.

The BIG question, of course, is…

Why do you continue to make bad choices… even when you “know” they’re bad choices?

You may begin to think you’re unlucky… you’re not smart enough… or you’re “a loser.” Ultimately, you may find that you’ve lost control of your life.

 But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way…

Your negative thoughts and feelings have a simple cause… Negative Psychological Attachments.

These hidden “attachments” cause you to consistently choose the wrong path — one that brings you pain, frustration, negativity, and failure.

In short…

You’re a victim of self-sabotage. In other words, you are getting in your own way, even if you don’t understand how.

That’s why you repeat the same damaging behaviors again and again. Even though you know you shouldn’t… you do it anyway.

However, here’s the interesting part…

Most people can call off a long list of things they can do to improve their situation in life.

But not knowing what to do isn’t the root problem.

The real issue is that they don’t actually do it! They don’t take action, even when those actions are so simple.

And that’s the thing that has always confounded me (and many, many others).

Let me illustrate this with an example…

My wife, Hope, and I are well-trained in dozens of personal development models. Yet, there were things we somehow just couldn’t bring ourselves to do.

We knew the actions we needed to take… but we weren’t taking them!

However, by pure chance, I stumbled upon an elderly, obscure psychotherapist. He claimed that 90% of human emotional suffering is unnecessary – totally avoidable.

In other words…

We bring our troubles upon ourselves.

According to him, once you understand the subconscious mechanism in your mind that compels you to self-sabotage yourself… you can easily reverse it.

When I reviewed his discoveries, it was so obvious that he had made a stunning, legitimate breakthrough… one that has been suppressed by the field of modern mental health for decades.

I’m a retired mental health counselor, international NLP trainer, and a practicing life coach with 25 years experience — but I’ve never seen his solution to this core problem disclosed before…

The truth about what causes self-sabotage and the emotional turmoil that goes along with it has remained buried for decades…UNTIL NOW.

Presenting… The AHA Solution

 As a result of this research, we developed The AHA Solution.


In a nutshell… The AHA Solution helps you feel more in control, end old habits, gain greater self-discipline, dispel your limiting beliefs… and get out of your own way for good.

Suddenly, you’ll find that you have choice where you typically felt you had none.

But let me explain it another way…

Have you seen the movie “The Matrix”?

If so, The AHA Solution is similar to taking “the red pill.” It will open your eyes and allow you to see the truth… so the reasons for your own self-defeating behaviors become clear.

Once you can do that — once you understand the reasons for your negative attachments you can change them

Quickly. Easily. Permanently.

This revolutionary approach isn’t taught anywhere else.

Watch this video on how Self-Sabotage works and you’ll see what’s so great about our AHA Solution!

So… How Well Does The AHA Solution Work?

Let me give you a real, verifiable example from our life…

My wife, Hope, became interested in bodybuilding (specifically, training for a fitness bikini contest). But she’s 41 years old and was stricken by a lack of self-esteem when it came to her looks. She believed she just wouldn’t fit in with the other women. She didn’t think she was good enough.

She threw the idea around for a few days until she realized it was her self-sabotage talking. Once she realized that, she went for it!

The result?

hope-10-19-13With just 90 days of preparation, Hope achieved what many assumed was impossible: she won first place at a National Physique Committee (NPC) bodybuilding competition.

This was NOT an easy feat.

How did she do it?

She credits the principles taught in The AHA Solution. Even though she knew her initial thoughts were self-sabotage, she still needed to the tools to eliminate the problem. Using the AHA Solution, she removed her negative behaviors from the equation so she could focus on maximizing her results.

Her amazing story shows that virtually anyone can accomplish their goals if they are disciplined, dedicated, and can control their NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND BEHAVIORS.

 Here’s What Others Have To Say…

How come I have never heard of this? It’s amazing!

Suddenly, my whole world makes sense.

The A-H-A Solution was the answer I never expected. Thank you Mike and Hope!

You can’t find this information anywhere else in the world of psychology and personal growth. This is a truly unique contribution.

They say education and insight heals. I’ve always been skeptical of that because it never worked for me. With this program I learned that the RIGHT insight and education does, in fact, heal.

I lost that last 20 pounds. Enough said!

Never realized how I was setting myself up for rejection over and over. With the help of Mike and Hope’s program, I have been able to stop doing that. It has raised my level of self-respect beyond what I ever thought possible.

Here’s A “Quick Peek” At What You’ll Learn…

The AHA Solution is a unique personal change program that helps you put an end to self-sabotage — once and for all.

 It’s a 100% online program that gives you the tools you need to change your life.

 Here are just some of the things you’ll learn inside The AHA Solution…

* Discover the “root cause” of chronic negativity, worry, self-criticism, and failure. (Tip: We all tend to set ourselves up for failure. But knowledge gives you the power to change that behavior.)

* Why The AHA Solution works… while other “self-help” programs FAIL. (Hint: We tackle what is known as the “basic neurosis” — the fundamental problem beneath all other psychological problems. Once that issue is understood and addressed, your outlook will change.)

* How to make changes in your life that you’ve always felt were “impossible.” (Tip: When you change your mind, you change your life. The AHA Solution will help free you from self-sabotage — the main cause of failure.)

* How to achieve “emotional freedom.” (This lets you CHOOSE how you respond to events in your life… instead of having events control how you feel. You’ll suddenly experience a new sense of discipline and freedom.)

* How to gain freedom from “relationship drama.” Learn to increase your self-confidence, personal power, and self-esteem… so you don’t get sucked into negativity and “vicious circles.” (You’ll be able to stand firm — and be at peace — even when others try to provoke you.)

* How we unwittingly seek failure — over and over again — as a result of negative psychological attachments. The AHA Solution shows you how to turn this pattern around. (Hint: Life becomes simple when you learn to get out of your own way.)

* How the subconscious mind is pre-programmed with limiting beliefs. (This is why we end up in bad relationships, with failed goals, and without purpose or direction in life. Our training helps eliminate the cause… freeing you from negative thoughts and feelings.)

* How damaging lessons you learned long ago (whether you remember them or not) serve as “negativity magnets” in your adult life. (Tip: Once you learn to recognize the source of your emotional pain, you’ll be able to live a richer life… the life that you should be living.)

* Learn to raise your self-awareness, expand your consciousness, and gain fresh insights. (Hint: Once you do, you’ll be able to decide what you want… and take action to make it happen.)

Plus, much more… this is just a small taste of what we cover inside.

 Here’s What You Get When You Order…

The AHA Solution includes…

=> 13 downloadable videos that explain the program and how to use it. The videos cover the entire “AHA Process” for changing the 12 negative attachment patterns that are holding you back.

=> The AHA Solution worksheet. Print it out and use it throughout the day.

=> An “attachment types” summary sheet. Lets you see everything at a glance.

When you order, you’ll receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the FULL PROGRAM… everything you need to succeed.

 Order Now And Receive 5 FREE Bonuses…

To make The AHA Solution even more valuable, we’re including 5 incredible bonuses…each one a comprehensive personal development program in and of itself…

zen-motivation-coverBONUS #1: Zen Motivation: Beyond the Carrot and the Stick
Making personal changes can be tough. Even when we know those changes will lead to greater success — we still resist. One reason for this astonishingly high failure rate has to do with the typical methods used for self-motivation. Zen Motivation changes the quality of your motivation at the most fundamental level.

Layout 1BONUS #2: Tame the DMN for Chronic Stress Relief
The Tame the DMN stress management program pinpoints the specific brain network responsible for generating the spinning thoughts and mind chatter that define high-stress living. Learning to deactivate this brain network will help relieve your chronic stress… and change your life forever.

Layout 1BONUS #3: Metaphors: The Driving Force Behind Your Life
So often we act as if we don’t have a choice in the way we experience life. The truth is, you can radically change your world by changing your Life Metaphor.

cooling-the-Fire-inlpcenter-coverBONUS #4: Cooling the Fire: The Conflict Resolution Strategy
Most of us attempt to resolve conflicts with other people in an unproductive way. We tend to do the exact opposite of what we should. Cooling the Fire explains why typical conflict resolution methods are ineffective… and introduces a better model.

iNLPCenter_3Questions-1BONUS #5: Three Soul-Stirring Questions

As you make an effort to improve your life, consider the following: What if some of your deepest needs were overlooked? Three Soul-Stirring Questions is an NLP-based course that will help you achieve higher self-awareness and greater personal freedom.

These BONUSES, alone, are worth more than the modest cost of The AHA Solution. We’re including them because we want to provide incredible value.

our-guarantee-150pxYour Full Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed.

If at anytime within 7 days — you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us for a FULL REFUND.

You’ll benefit greatly from the course or we’ll give your money back… with NO questions asked, NO catches, and NO nonsense.

The AHA Solution REALLY WORKS. Prove it to yourself… RISK FREE.

Order Now… And Take Control Of Your Life!

The AHA Solution is normally priced at $199. However, for a limited time, it’s ON SALE for just $129 — including ALL 5 bonuses.

(We priced it super-low during this special promotion because we wanted to make this offer an absolute “no-brainer.”)

You can either take our training and escape from this “prison of your own making”… or you can remain in the fog.

The choice is yours.

All you need to succeed is our program and a willingness to look at yourself openly and honestly. You have to be ready for change… and you have to take responsibility for your own life.

If you’re sick and tired of suffering… this is the program for you. It could change your life.

Don’t delay. Order The AHA Solution today… and begin.

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