1-on-1 NLP Practitioner Certification

Individually Customized Training

What if, for a period of several months, you were individually coached with the deepest and most effective form of personal change work by one of the top experts in the field?

What if, during that process, you also learned how to help and influence others like never before? Finally, what if at the end of the training you found it easy and obvious how to continue applying NLP to your day-to-day life?

How would your life change?
This is the opportunity of one-on-one NLP training with Mike Bundrant.

Here’s how it works:

Our 1-on-1 NLP Practitioner Certification program utilizes the same 12 NLP modules as our Online NLP Practitioner training.

From there, we determine how to customize your NLP training to meet your personal and business needs through a series of 15 live, individual training sessions.

Each week, you will work with the online modules, studying and doing exercises in preparation for your individual training session. Individual NLP training sessions with Mike Bundrant are conducted by phone or Skype. In your individual training session, you will:

• Review the material, clarify and fill in any gaps.

• Do exercises with Mike, including custom exercises designed just for you.

• Receive coaching to apply what you learn so that you experience the maximum potential of NLP every day.

• Receive customized assignments that are not in the standard training modules.

NLP Practitioner Certification course outline:

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• Module 1: Introduction to NLP & The Deeper Dynamics of Change
• Module 2: Intro to VAK Model & Eye Accessing Cues
• Module 3: Non-Verbal Communication and Rapport
• Module 4: Accessing States, Anchoring, Anchor Collapse, Dissociation, New Behavior Generator
• Module 5: Introduction to Strategies, Decision Strategies, Motivation Strategies
• Module 6: The Meta Model
• Module 7: Exploring Submodalities, Making Something Important, Submodality Interventions, The Map Across, The Swish Pattern, Fast Phobia Cure
• Module 8: The Milton Model, As If Frame, Process Instructions Exercise
• Module 9: Outcome Specification, A Formula for Manifesting
• Module 10: Perceptual Positions
• Module 11: Reframing, Context Reframing, Other Frames, Six Step Reframing
• Module 12: Intro to Timeline, Programming Your Future

At the end of your program, we mail you your certificate and you are certified as an NLP Practitioner. At this point, you may continue onto your NLP Master Practitioner certification if you’d like.

This is the best way to learn NLP!

Even in-person, live trainings are not as effective at addressing individual questions, learning styles and application of the training material.

Get the most out of your NLP training by making it a truly individual experience. By the end of your training, you will have learned the most sophisticated set of personal development and interpersonal communication skills that have ever been developed.

NLP has informed nearly every other personal growth and organizational development model developed since the 1970’s. When you learn NLP from someone who really gets it, your life will change.

The 1-on-1 NLP Practitioner Certification Training Includes:

• Lifetime access to our online NLP learning modules
• Lifetime access to our personal development program (bonus modules)
15 individual training sessions with Mike Bundrant (45-50 minutes each)
• No additional cost, certification fees or postage charges apply

Tuition: $2400 USD
Deposit: $499 USD (gives you immediate access to the training materials)
Flexible payment arrangements can be made to complete tuition over time.


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