How to Activate your Deep Healing Energy

Mystic-Healing-PortalCan you purposefully activate the deep healing energy that resides within your soul?

As recently as a few days ago, I would have been more skeptical than optimistic.

After speaking with one of the world’s foremost experts on the healing power of intention, Richard Gordon, my perspective on healing with energy is beginning to shift.

A few extraordinary experiments are all that it took to convince me that there is something profound to be learned to harnessing life energy. Read on and realize I am NOT making this up.

Richard Gordon is the originator of the Quantum Touch healing methodology. Richard is the author of two best-selling books, with practitioners in 55 countries. He’s been doing this work since the 1970’s. I interviewed him for our radio show, Mental Health Exposed and it should be post by mid-August 2013.

The core of the matter is this:

If your intention is rooted in love and you learn to direct that energy, you can project it wherever you want. When others come into contact with it, they feel it and interesting things begin to happen.

Experiments with my kids

I lined them up, one by one and did the following:

1. I placed my hands on the top of each hip bone to measure whether or not their hips were out of alignment. In three out of the four children, the left hip was at least one inch higher. Then, I removed my hands.

2. One by one, I asked the misaligned kids to stand in front of me and do nothing for about 30 seconds.

3. Then, I closed my eyes and accessed a state of love and adoration for the child. When I did this, I felt the warm energy of love in my body and my hands heating up.

4. Then, breathing deeply and steadily, I projected the love from my heart – a golden beam of light – toward the child with the thought, I want the hips to align, so that they are even. I pictured the hips evening out in my mind’s eye.

5. The test. I made sure they were standing in the same position and placed my hands back in the exact same spot at the top of either hip bone. In each case, the hips had moved into perfect alignment. The other children verified.

Next, I tried it with my wife without telling her what I was doing. Same results. Then, I projected the same energy into my wife’s injured shoulder and her pain reduced by 50% in about 15 seconds.

What is going on here?

There are several possibilities:

1. I just learned a new parlor trick for which I do not understand the explanation.

2. Merely making someone aware that their hips are misaligned is enough for the body to activate and put them back into place subconsciously.

3. There really is healing power in loving intention and you can learn to project that intention into others so that their own healing mechanisms are activated.

Still very curious, I called a local chiropractor to ask a few questions about hips. I did not tell him my purpose. I just asked what techniques are usually required to put misaligned hips back into place.

The doctor described three methods he uses, all of which require physical force. Then, I asked him if it would be possible for the hips to realign all by themselves, even with a light awareness that they are out. He affirmed that yes, it was possible, but not common.

I’ll continue experimenting.

Of course, I understand that when I coach people about mental health and personal development issues, my own intention is everything. When I am full of love and respect for my clients and intent on their healing, I rarely miss an opportunity to give them life altering insights.

I have not experimented with holding a negative intention toward a client and never will. This alone validates the power of intention.

Is your intention to heal your life and be as healthy as you can be?

If so, you will be able to access that love of life and fill your body with healing energy. You’ll feel your heart expand and your extremities heat up. Then, you can cast your intention in the direction of your dreams.

The only thing in your way is self-sabotage, or an attachment to the negative experiences you have had in your past. Sometimes we get so caught up in patterns of negativity that they stick to us like glue. We cozy up to these negative experiences and they get in the way of our higher intentions.

So, educate yourself about self-sabotage and learn to unravel those negative patterns. Let them go so that your true light can shine through.

I am excited about the possibilities here, as I am also starting to see startling results with this work in deeper emotional work with my coaching clients.

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