Top Three Reasons People Become an Executive Coach

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A good percentage of iNLP Center Life Coach Certification students want to become an executive coach or business coach. We wanted to learn why, so we asked. This post is a report of their responses.

We choose the most recent 100 new student surveys and categorized the responses (this section of the survey isn’t multiple choice, but short answer). The responses fell into three main categories.

Why do people want to become an executive coach?

It turns out that our students are motivated to do business or executive coaching for the same reasons many people seek a career transition into coaching. Here are the top three.


To Share Their Experience and Expertise to Help Others in Business

45% of iNLP Center life coach students report their main reason for becoming a business coach or executive coach is to share their experience or expertise with others.  Most people who’ve had success in life find that NLP and life coach training reveals the secrets to their success so they can teach others. There is a difference between doing something well and coaching others to do it well, right?

Often talented people have no idea how they do things. NLP and life coach training reveals the method behind the magic.

Effective people follow patterns in both thinking and behavior. When you’re trained as a coach at the iNLP Center, you’ll discover systematic ways to achieve success and learn to facilitate others toward greater accomplishment.

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To Have a Career Doing Something Meaningful and Fulfilling

41% of iNLP Center life coach students report they chose to become business coaches or executive coaches because they want to do something more fulfilling with their lives. Helping others change their lives is inherently fulfilling.

Most people get a boost of energy when they realize their actions have positively influenced another. When you coach people in the direction of their dreams – and it works – the feeling is amazing. Coaching is one of the more meaningful careers that are accessible to anyone who is willing to be trained.

A study in the Journal of Positive Psychology analyzed the well-being of more than 6,000 lawyers and found that lawyers who perform services, such as providing legal advice for nonprofits or the poor. They found that the more meaningful your work is, the better your mental wellbeing. For a life coach, you are not only helping other’s mental health but improving your own as well. The ideal win-win career!

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To Live the Coaching Lifestyle

Only 14% of life coach students who enroll for training at the iNLP Center want to become an executive coach because they are looking to live the “coaching lifestyle”. Becoming an executive coach allows you to give up the rat race and embrace a lifestyle that allows you to:

  • Work from home
  • Make your own schedule
  • Often make a full-time income in 20 hours/wk.
  • Focus on growth as a lifestyle
  • Spend time studying what you’re interested in
  • Make your own rules!

It is true that coaching can deliver this lifestyle in spades, however, if money is your main purpose for becoming a coach, iNLP Center may not be for you. As you can see, the majority of our students want to help others and feel more fulfilled doing so. This is aligned with iNLP Center’s values, content, and training style. 

For those of us who want more freedom, becoming a coach is a great way to get it. But you’ve got to do it right or your coaching business will fail. Many people think that as soon as they receive they become an executive coach they will be able to charge $200+ per hour and become a motivational speaker that’s in high demand. That is a common misconception fueled by training centers that need to justify their high training fees. Of course, depending on your skills and experience you will gradually progress towards your desired lifestyle. Our advice, get the best value for your budget. It will take a while to build your practice – so don’t go broke in the meantime! When you provide life-changing coaching to your clients, the money will follow. 

The focus of iNLP Center’s life coach training program is to teach you the tools you need to really make a difference in your client’s lives without the pressure to rush to make your living. Most of our coaching students have fulltime jobs and are transitioning from their current careers. We encourage them to spend their time with us, mastering their skills before they start trying to do magic for others.

We accomplish this with a thorough foundational tools focus in our NLP Practitioner training, then move into advanced coaching models during our NLP Master Practitioner training, and finally into our Coach Session Structure & Core Change models in our Life Coach Training. Throughout the entire coach certification program, our students can attend live training sessions in our virtual classrooms where they work hand-in-hand with our trainers on coaching applications of all the tools they are learning.  Even after completion, our graduates have full access to their training materials and live training sessions.

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