Six Reasons Why People Stay in a Bad Relationship

bad relationship

Bad relationships can be like this – for life. It’s exhausting.You may never put down the rope and be at peace if you don’t become aware of why you are hanging on so tightly.

A bad relationship is a living hell, yet millions of people stay in them – sometimes for life.


There are reasons. I recently set out to compare notes with my colleague, Jake Eagle of

Jake is an extremely gifted psychotherapist and co-developer of perhaps the most effective romantic relationship program on earth: Dating, Relating and Mating – How to Get it Right!.

He and I quickly discovered that there are patterns among people who feel stuck in miserable, long-term relationships.

It is critical to find your pattern and address it if you want to safely recover your relationship or free yourself from bondage.

Six reasons why people stay in a bad relationship, even though they are unhappy:



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Mike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach. He and his wife, Hope, founded iNLP Center in 2011. For information on coaching with Mike, please visit his coaching website AHA System.

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