Six Reasons Why People Stay in a Bad Relationship

bad relationship

Bad relationships can be like this – for life. It’s exhausting.You may never put down the rope and be at peace if you don’t become aware of why you are hanging on so tightly.

A bad relationship is a living hell, yet millions of people stay in them – sometimes for life.


There are reasons. I recently set out to compare notes with my colleague, Jake Eagle.

Jake is an extremely gifted psychotherapist and co-developer of perhaps the most effective romantic relationship program on earth: Dating, Relating and Mating.

He and I quickly discovered that there are patterns among people who feel stuck in miserable, long-term relationships.

It is critical to find your pattern and address it if you want to safely recover your relationship or free yourself from bondage.

Six reasons why people stay in a bad relationship, even though they are unhappy:



  • Ernie Mink

    This is all American self-centered comments written in this article. Most people will NEVER get everything they want. Love is all about giving and sacrifice. This should never be about Freudian Psychology nonsense.

    • Mike Bundrant

      Ernie – I don’t recall suggesting that people can have everything they want or that love does not require giving and sacrifice. I also do not think it is self-centered to heal or want to leave a painful relationship.

    • John Spessard

      Is there something wrong about being self-centered? Other than a blamer-martyr relationship pattern, I think it is nice to get your higher needs met in a relationship. And in return you can meet their higher needs and both can achieve something they couldn’t achieve alone. Your love and sacrifice love “pattern” works for a LOT of people. And you seem happy with it. Now me, I like to ask for what I want that I’m not getting in a relationship. And what is really exciting is they say “yes” more often than you think.

  • John Spessard

    Ouch! I hit my head on each one of these 6 points. I’ve been searching for answers the last two days whether I should stay w/ my girlfriend. This article push me over the edge. My decision is made I’ll ask her to be my exclusive booty call or just have a clean break. I need to work on myself… And I’m pretty sure she’ll say ‘No’ to the booty call thing so it looks like I’ll be alone for a while. Perhaps this breakup will kick both of us in the ass so we’ll both better ourselves… I want some success in my life and I need to be a different person to get it…

    • Mike Bundrant

      Few things sound the wake up call better than a major break up. Even so, a lot of people still don’t hear it. Sounds like you are ready, John!

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