Your Score: 0 – 25% | Going Through Life with a Blindfold On!

What does your score mean? Here is one interpretation:


You lack self awareness to the point of being lost, like going through life blindfolded. Any steps you take are likely to lead to pain. Worse, you may not even realize you’re wearing a blindfold. Reach out for help.


Here are the other scores that are possible:

Other scores that are possible results of this test include:

25.01 – 50% | Living in a Dark Room

You lack self awareness. It could be worse, but you really need added insight into your life. You live in a dark room where you’ll frequently stub your toes. Find the light switch. Light a candle. Open the window blinds.

50.01 – 75% | Peripheral Blinders On

You have an average level of self awareness, which is where most people live. This isn’t necessarily great news, but at least you’re not living in complete darkness. You have blinders on that block your peripheral vision, keeping you from seeing the big picture of your life.

You have amazing opportunities to aha-moments if you can open to them.

75.01 – 90% | Big Picture Forming

Good job! You’re above average in your self-awareness. The blinders are coming off, but the big picture is still forming. Keep going! You’ve gained a lot of insight and had plenty of aha moments in your life. There are details missing that will serve as keys to moving on to enlightenment.

90.01 – 100% | Enlightened

Congratulations! You’re an enlightened, self-aware soul with significant insight into your life. This is a huge triumph that most people can’t begin to imagine. Life may not be perfect, but that’s not news to you.

You’re self-aware, mature and well-adjusted, with resources to handle the common obstacles that get in the way. Lend a helping hand to others when the opportunity arises.

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