Personal Development Program

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Included Programs:

  • AHA Solution
  • Zen Motivation
  • Tame the DMN
  • Life Metaphors
  • Cooling the Fire
  • Three Soul-Stirring Questions

Our Personal Development Program is a group of online courses we designed to address common challenges people face. Each of these courses may include workbooks, videos, audio guides, exercises and a unique approach to the issue it addresses. These courses are available as a group or sold individually. Once purchased, each course has immediate access.

The A-H-A Solution: A Program to End Self-Sabotage
The A-H-A Solution is a unique personal change program that expands and further defines the A-H-A Process video. It works by showing you specifically how negative attachments apply to you. Then, we give you real life examples and tools that guide you through the process of change. With this online program, you’ll have the tools to free yourself from self-sabotage and negative thoughts or feelings.

Zen Motivation: Beyond the Carrot and the Stick
We all know that making personal changes can be tough. Even when we know that those changes will lead to greater success with our health, relationships and career, we still resist. It’s not hard to believe that the failure rate of self-improvement efforts in general is 65% to 90% (Sellman, D, 2009). One reason for this astonishingly high failure rate has to do with typical methods of self-motivation. Common tactics intended to get yourself in gear always backfire and create greater stress in your life. Zen motivation changes the quality of your motivation at the most fundamental level.

Tame the DMN for Chronic Stress Relief
The Tame the DMN stress management program pinpoints the specific brain network responsible for generating the sea of spinning thoughts, mind chatter and chronic emotional grind that defines high stress living. And it is NOT your primitive brain. Learning to deactivate this brain network will automatically relieve your chronic stress and change your life forever.

Metaphors: The Driving Force Behind Your Life
So often we act as if we don’t have a choice in the way we experience life. The truth is that you can radically change your entire way of being in the world by simply changing your life metaphor. Imagine if you could be happier and more content, more loving towards others, more motivated and fulfilled, with a greater capacity to handle challenges.

Cooling the Fire: The Conflict Resolution Strategy
Most of us attempt to resolve conflicts with other people in a perfectly unproductive way. We tend to do the exact opposite of what works! Why does conflict resolution seem counter-intuitive? Maybe it’s human nature or social conditioning that directs our inefficient conflict resolution strategies. Regardless of the cause, we almost universally lack a good strategy for taking the most challenging conflicts in communication and turning them quickly into productive and calm engagements. Until now.

Three Soul Stirring Questions
As you make efforts to improve your life, gain new skills and grow as a person, consider the following: What if you were missing some key factors? What if some of your deepest needs were forgotten along the way? This NLP-based course will help you determine the things that are holding you back from achieving higher self-awareness and greater personal freedom.

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