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Coaching Package Creation Program

This course is designed to provide a system for creating coaching packages for your coaching niche as well as a blueprint for delivering your coaching package sessions.

  • Understand the needs of your ideal client
  • Create a set of session to address those needs
  • Plan out each session with the iNLP Center UCM
  • Test your coaching sessions before going live
  • How to market your coaching package
  • How to sell your coaching package

This course includes unlimited, live workshops to develop and perfect your coaching package.
Live workshops are offered twice per week.

Please note these Course Prerequisites:
This course is intended for iNLP Center students who have completed or finalizing our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training. This course requires a full understanding of:

  • NLP Information Gathering Techniques and Models
  • NLP Transformation Techniques and Models
  • iNLP Center Universal Coaching Model


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