Personal Coaching with Mike Bundrant

mikeImportant: Before reading this page, you should understand my approach to personal change by watching the video: Self-Sabotage – End It With An AHA! on psychological attachments and self-sabotage.

If you’re looking for personal coaching, especially to deal with self-sabotage, then I’m impressed. It’s rare to encounter people who are willing to look a little deeper. So, my hat is off to you.

Imagine for a moment that your worst personal tendencies could transform. Imagine being 100% more effective and empowered in relationships. Imagine actually letting go of the emotional issues that you’ve been trying to let go of for years.

If you coach with me, we’ll work as a team to do all of the above. And I guarantee that you will find it both challenging and rewarding. You’ll also find that the work is counter-intuitive and unlike any other personal growth work you’ve ever done. Best of all, if you stick with the process, you’ll get results. In fact, your whole perspective on life might change.

After working with people for over 20 years, I’ve discovered that my gift in life is to give people AHA moments. It comes naturally to me. You can take these AHA moments, in which the elusive obvious finally becomes clear, and transform yourself. It happens every single day. Why not you?

You will need to speak with me for up to 15-minutes before either of us commit to the coaching process. If we want to move forward, then we’ll make all the arrangements. I look forward to it!

Contact me now:

Mike Bundrant, Co-founder of iNLP Center
(951) 428-4264
Skype: mikebundrant (just add me)   

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