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Since 1994 I have been traveling to Tokyo, Japan to teach NLP for a wonderful organization called Team Iryo or Team Medicine. Founded by Kazuhiko Umemoto, Team Medicine has been a pioneer in continuing education for Japanese professionals and lay people alike. It was Kazu’s vision of contributing to his community through NLP seminars that has made it all happen.

Over the years my friend and colleague, Jake Eagle of NLP Santa Fe, and I have certified hundreds of Japanese doctors, nurses, counselors, educators, human relations trainers, managers, as well as many people in search of personal growth through NLP.

Our Japanese NLP certification programs are tough. It takes a while to become a trainer because Kazu wants to produce to very best NLP teachers who not only understand NLP, but also demonstrate the ability to apply NLP to their lives, both at home and at work. The result has been inspiring. Jake and I have had the rare privilege of watching their lives change for the better while they dedicate themselves to making their communities a better place.

Kazu has not held himself back from his requirement of excellence. He has participated in every training personally and only accepted the position as NLP Trainer after we held him to the same rigorous standards as the students he has hosted. His original goal in learning NLP was to participate more effectively in his kids’ school PTA program, which he fulfilled with pride.

I am not sure there are better examples of NLP learning, growth and application than Team Medicine’s programs. Kazu even went on to become the bestselling author of any NLP book in the history of NLP publishing in Japan. I was jealous!

Over the years, the NLP competition has become stiff in Tokyo. NLP training centers have popped up everywhere and we no longer enjoy being the only American trainers over there. And, sadly, other NLP centers have jumped on the snake oil wagon and begun making slick promises of NLP magic. Quick and easy certification, lots of hype and shoddy programs have compromised the NLP marketplace in Japan. Unskilled trainers are passing along NLP techniques with so very little knowledge of human development and seemingly little grasp on reality. Here we go again!

Even so, we keep our standards high and attract those in search of something deeper. This approach makes all the difference in the quality of training. We won’t compromise our standards. If only other NLP trainers would take their eyes off the money and get real with us!

About Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach. He and his wife, Hope, founded iNLP Center in 2011. For information on coaching with Mike, please visit his coaching website AHA System.

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