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Mike Bundrant hosts a show on called Mental Health Exposed. The show has two main objectives:
1) To reveal practices and strategies that lead to natural mental health and
2) To expose incompetence and fraud in the mental health and personal development industries.

Those seeking improved mental health and happiness today face unprecedented obstacles. First and foremost among them is lack of awareness. So many people are simply unaware of the core practices and principles that lead to solid mental health and a well-adjusted lifestyle. When you complicate matters with terrible nutrition, toxic air, food and water, shallow cultural role models, fraudulent personal development gurus, corporate materialism, and a wellspring of psychoactive medication – mental health and peace of mind are no longer a possibility.

Mental Health Exposed with Mike Bundrant provides alternatives. This weekly show features interviews with leaders in the industry who have messages that buck mainstream trends and offer listeners an education that cannot be found anywhere else. Below are our past shows.

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