Life Coach Certification Training – All-Inclusive ICF Life Coach Training Program

Become a Certified Life Coach in 3 Months and a Master Coach in 6!

Life Coach, Master Coach, and NLP certificates

Finally, an online life coach training program that bridges the gap between psychology and practical coaching skills! This program is the ONLY Level 1 Life Coach Certification Online Training grounded in psychology and comprised of cutting-edge NLP models and techniques

We’ve fused the powerful techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) core competencies to equip you with a comprehensive toolkit to empower your clients and achieve lasting transformations in their lives.

100% Self-paced, Online Learning Environment

40+ Live Small-group Training Sessions Available Each Week

Lifetime Access to your Training Material & Live Sessions

Unlimited Peer Coaching Hours Included

Free Marketing Training to Start Your Life Coaching Business

Full ICF Credentialing Process Help

Ongoing Trainer Support & Feedback

Verifiable Digital Badges and Certificates Included!

Our Life Coach Certification Trainings are Accredited by:


Life Coach Certification Online Tracks:

Meets ALL requirements for:
ACC credential from ICF

3 Certifications Included:
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
• Certified Life Coach (CLC)

70 ICF Coach Training Hours
Complete in as soon as 3 months
(Self-Paced – No Deadlines!)
10 ICF Mentor Coaching Hours
Includes demo approval and test prep
Unlimited Live Training
Small-group Zoom sessions
Unlimited Reciprocal Coaching
Coach & Get Coached,
Earn Coach Practice Hours
Unlimited Marketing Training
Learn how to get clients!
Lifetime Training Access
ICF Credentialing Support
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Or, Installment Plan Price:
$512/month x 8 months
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(Total installment payments=$4095. Does NOT include Hypnosis Training)
Meets ALL requirements for:
ACC, PCC credentials from ICF

4 Certifications Included:
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
• Certified Life Coach (CLC)
Master Life Coach (MLC)
125 ICF Coach Training Hours
Complete in as soon as 6 months
(Self-Paced – No Deadlines!)
10 ICF Mentor Coaching Hours
Includes demo approval and test prep
Unlimited Live Training
Small-group Zoom sessions
Unlimited Reciprocal Coaching
Coach & Get Coached,
Earn Coach Practice Hours
Unlimited Marketing Training
Learn how to get clients!
Lifetime Training Access
ICF Credentialing Support
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Or, Installment Plan Price:
$619/month x 10 months
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(Total Installment payments=$6190. Does NOT include Hypnosis Training)
Meets all requirements for:
ACC, PCC credentials from ICF
BCC credential from CCE Global
5 Certifications Included:
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master
• Certified Life Coach (CLC)
Master Life Coach (MLC)
Mental Health Coach (MHC)
165 ICF Coach Training Hours
Complete in as soon as 9 months
(Self-Paced – No Deadlines!)
10 ICF Mentor Coaching Hours
Includes demo approval and test prep
Unlimited Live Training
Small-group Zoom sessions
Unlimited Reciprocal Coaching
Coach & Get Coached,
Earn Coach Practice Hours
Unlimited Marketing Training
Learn how to get clients!
Lifetime Training Access
ICF, BBC Credentialing Support
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Or, Installment Plan Price:
$692/month x 12 months
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(Total payments=$8295. Does NOT include Hypnosis or add-on course)
* Add-On is a $699 INLP Center credit for additional training.


The Roadmap to Coaching Mastery: Learn How to Navigate Your Coaching Sessions with Confidence

Our structured, yet flexible coaching framework guarantees you stay on track and deliver impactful sessions for your clients. Our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training built upon our Universal Coaching ModelTM is exactly what you need.

Our innovative Universal Coaching model, featuring the Five Phases of a Coaching Session, empowers you to guide your clients with confidence, ensuring every session ends with them achieving their session goal.

Here’s how our Unversal Coaching ModelTM paves the way for life coaching success:

  • Phase 1: Pre-Coaching: Forget superficial conversations. This phase equips you with NLP techniques to build deep, non-verbal rapport. You’ll learn to create a safe space where trust flourishes, setting the stage for powerful transformation.
  • Phase 2: Information Gathering: Master the art of asking the right questions at the right time. You’ll discover how to spark “AHA moments” and ignite a surge of motivation within your clients. This phase ensures you gather the precise information needed to define a clear and achievable goal for the session.
  • Phase 3: Transformation: Here’s where the magic happens! You’ll delve into the optimal conditions for facilitating change. Our NLP-based approach equips you with the tools to guide your clients through powerful shifts in perspective and behavior within the coaching session itself.
  • Phase 4: Integration: Knowledge without action is stagnant. This phase introduces the Coach-Do Model, a framework for empowering your clients to translate insights and newfound motivation into concrete action steps. You’ll learn how to craft personalized action plans that ensure your clients stay on track for lasting change.
  • Phase 5: Wrap-Up & Homework: Great coaching doesn’t end with the session. You’ll learn the art of crafting powerful coaching homework that keeps your clients moving forward between sessions. This ensures continuous progress and maximizes the impact of your coaching program.

Our Universal Coaching ModelTM, coupled with the transformative power of NLP, is the ultimate roadmap to coaching mastery. Our NLP Life Coach Training equips you not just with tools, but with a structured approach that guarantees impactful, results-oriented coaching sessions for you and your clients. Enroll today and embark on your journey to becoming a masterful coach!

Includes 10-hrs of ICF Coach Mentoring

Here’s why our ICF Coach Mentoring program is the ultimate success booster (included with all tracks!):

  • Mastermind Mentorship: Gain insights and refine your skills through 7 exclusive Mentor Group Clinics. These intimate sessions, capped at less than 10 participants, foster a supportive environment where you can learn from experienced coaches and fellow trainees.
  • Personalized Coaching: Take your development to the next level with 3 private mentor sessions. Receive focused feedback and guidance tailored to your individual needs, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the ICF exam and beyond.
  • ICF Expertise at Your Fingertips: Our mentors are ICF experts, passionate about helping you integrate the ICF style of coaching seamlessly into your practice. They’ll guide you in mastering the ICF core competencies and ensure your coaching demonstration shines.
  • Fast-Track Your Success: Don’t wait! Start your private mentoring immediately. This personalized support system ensures you stay on track and confident throughout your ICF credentialing journey.
Life Coach Certification Online Syllabus

NLP-Integrated Life Coach Certification Training earns these 3 certificates:

Certified NLP Practitioner certificate
Certified NLP Master certificate
Certified Life Coach certificate

5 Star Student Review

“I just finished the NLP Life Coach Training with iNLP Center, and I can’t wait to enroll in the Master Level Course. Everyone is so professional, the staff is amazing, they are helping me navigate through both my BCC and ICF Certifications. I could not have chosen a better place and give them a whole-hearted recommendation. I’m looking forward to a long relationship of building skills and constantly growing in my field with them. I’m so glad that I chose to do my education with iNLP!” – Joanne M.

Ready to graduate from coach to coaching mastermind? Our NLP Life Coach Certification Training provided the foundation – a solid understanding of the Universal Coaching Model and NLP tools. But what if you could transcend mere application and tap into your innate coaching genius?

This is where our Master Coach Training ignites your journey. Here, the tables turn. We ditch rote memorization and embrace a dynamic, inductive learning style that mirrors the real-world magic of coaching.

Imagine this:

Master Life Coach Certificate
  • Sparkling Creativity: Forget cookie-cutter coaching. You’ll learn by generating real-life scenarios and applying existing models (or even discovering entirely new ones!). This sparks your intuition and hones your ability to think on your feet in any coaching situation.
  • Client Breakthroughs: Unmasking Hidden Potential: Develop an eagle eye for spotting what your clients miss in themselves. You’ll become a master at unveiling hidden strengths and possibilities, empowering them to reach for heights they never dreamed of.
  • Inner Wisdom Architects: Witness the transformation as you guide your clients to cultivate their inner wisdom. This program equips you with the tools to help them tap into their own wellspring of knowledge and navigate life’s challenges with newfound confidence.
  • Limiting Beliefs? Not Anymore: Limiting beliefs can be a client’s worst enemy. Our Master Coach Training empowers you to become a belief ninja. You’ll learn the intricate workings of limiting beliefs and develop powerful techniques to dismantle them, freeing your clients to soar to their full potential.
  • The Power of Self-Discovery: Help your clients embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. You’ll gain the skills to guide them in uncovering their true essence, fostering a deep sense of self-awareness and purpose that fuels their success.

This isn’t just about acquiring more tools; it’s about unlocking the master coach within. Our Master Coach Training sharpens your intuition, ignites your creativity, and equips you to guide your clients towards transformative breakthroughs. Are you ready to answer the call? Enroll today and become the coaching legend you were meant to be!

(Master Coach Training is included in the Master Coach and Mental Health Coach Certification Tracks Only)

Take it One Step Deeper…

Ready to transcend coaching and ignite profound transformations in yourself and your clients? This isn’t your average training – it’s a deep dive into the core of who you are.

Prepare to be amazed. Our graduates consistently report that this is the most impactful life coaching experience they’ve ever had, and they leave equipped to empower their clients in unimaginable ways.

Here’s how you’ll become a catalyst for life-changing results:

  • Silence the Inner Critic: Out-of-control “parts” are hidden stressors sabotaging your clients’ well-being. Using our revolutionary Mental Health Coach Model, you’ll learn to help clients identify and influence these “parts,” finally silencing the inner critic and fostering peace.
  • Unmask the Authentic Self: Imagine a life lived disconnected from your true essence. Many of us spend years lost in this fog. Our Parts Model acts as a powerful lens, clarifying and enhancing your clients’ sense of self. Witness the magic as they discover their authentic selves for the very first time.
  • Shatter Self-Sabotage: Self-sabotage can be crippling. One part of you desperately desires growth, while another throws up roadblocks. Our training equips you to mediate these internal conflicts. You’ll learn to communicate with these “parts,” transforming self-sabotage into a springboard for progress.
  • Embrace Limitless Growth: Our Parts Model isn’t just a tool; it’s a philosophy for continuous self-improvement. By understanding your inner landscape, you and your clients will unlock endless opportunities for growth. You’ll become a master navigator, guiding them towards a future brimming with possibilities.

This is more than training; it’s a transformation. Enroll in our Mental Health Coach Track today and embark on a journey of self-discovery that empowers you to become a catalyst for profound change in your clients’ lives. Are you ready to dive deep?

Earn all 5 Certificates included with our Mental Health Coach Track!

(Our Mental Health Coach Training is only included in our Mental Health Coach Track)


Begin Your Life Coach Training Program Immediately

Don’t wait to start your new career! Enroll now to access your Student Dashboard where everything you need to start your course is available. Plus, with 2 New Student Orientations each week, you’ll learn how to successfully navigate through your training program.

You will also find your Training Roadmap that directs you week-by-week through the training, from the beginning to applying for your ICF credential!

Ultimate Training Flexibility

With 40+ live sessions available per week, you can attend our online training sessions when it’s convenient for you.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive a list of required live sessions that accompany your online coursework. When you’re ready to attend one, simply click on the listing in the calendar to pop into the session. No RSVP required!

Not in America? No problem! We have live sessions for all time zones!

Average Completion Times:

Life Coach Certification Track: 3-6 months
Master Coach Certification Track: 5-9 months
Mental Health Coach Certification Track: 8-12 months

Training System

Our Comprehensive Life Coach Certification Training System

Our research-based life coach training system is made up of four main training components allowing you to formalize your new skills and knowledge through real-world experiences and practical application.

Online Coursework
The online coursework consists of text, audios, and videos which you’ll access through your Student Dashboard.

Offline Activities
The offline activities are integrated throughout the online coursework to integrate each new tool and skill you are learning.

Live Training Sessions
The Zoom live training sessions accompany your course material to provide a place to explore and discuss what you’re learning with your trainers.

Coaching Practice with Peers
You will be matched with other students to practice your coaching skills and complete offline activities. (You can also work with people in your daily life.) This provides your International Coaching Federation ICF required coach practice hours.

life coach certification training process
Training Modules

Life Coach Certification Training Modules

Module 1: Intro to Life Coaching & Your Coaching Vision

  • Explore your Coaching Niche & Discover Your Coaching Vision
  • Attend a Coaching Vision & Marketing Session to discuss future plans
  • Kick-off Your Life Coach Training with a Success Plan

The first module of your Life Coach Training is where your coaching career vision begins. We will take you step-by-step through the elements that go into creating your coaching vision – your business goals, your coaching niche, how much you should charge, and even what you are most worried about.

Attend a live class to review your coaching vision and marketing direction. We will help you develop a plan of action to work on during your life coach certification course and clear marketing direction after completion.

Module 2: The Confident Coach Mindset

  • Master emotional states
  • Transform blocks into positive resources
  • Apply optimism to any situation
  • Learn new behavioral skills quickly

The coaching mindset is fundamental. Nothing affects behavior as much as a mindset. Sometimes you can change your mindset and feelings as an act of will. Other states of mind are difficult to change. In this life coach training program, you will learn to change those mindsets that do not budge on their own.

Module 3: The Structure of a Life Coaching Session

  • Never get lost in a life coaching session
  • Have confidence that you always know what to do next
  • Lead clients naturally to the results they seek

In this module you will be introduced to the iNLP Center Universal Coaching Model (UCM). This unique coaching system eliminates the mystery behind effective coaching by revealing the Five Phases of a Coaching Session. You will learn specifically how effective life coaching sessions work and a powerful, step-by-step system for success.

Module 4: The Pre-Coaching Phase

  • Know how to start a coaching session right
  • Create deep rapport with clients quickly
  • Inspire greater trust ethically
  • Master non-verbal communication

Certain things need to happen before great coaching can begin and they happen in the Pre-Coaching phase.

This is when you must begin the rapport and trust-building process. To create a deep connection with your clients, you need to move beyond verbal rapport to establish a powerful, non-verbal connection. In this module, you will learn how to read your clients non-verbal communication and tap into a deeper connection with them.

Module 5: The Information Gathering Phase

  • Always know which question to ask
  • Set the coaching up for success by seeing the big picture
  • Lead your client to breakthrough insights
  • Proceed to coaching techniques with confidence because you now have the right information

If you want to become a world-class life coach, you will need to learn the right questions to ask at the right time, providing a-ha moments and a surge of motivation. Done well, quality information gathering will reveal the specific goal for the session, as well as what needs to be done to get there. It is like rising above a maze and suddenly seeing the path out.

Module 6: NLP Coaching Models

  • Serve as an expert guide for your clients
  • Know which techniques to apply and when
  • Identify the best opportunities for growth

Life coach training is the process of learning to use coaching maps to guide people toward their goals. It is important to understand that life coaching can not happen without coaching models. Coaching conversations are not aimless social interactions, they are intended to go in a positive direction toward a new destination.

Module 7: NLP Communication Models

  • Learn to recognize the most important things clients say
  • Know how to systematically ask questions to go deeper
  • Learn to read people to discover how they are thinking
  • Find the hidden assumptions in communication keep people stuck

Communication is complex so you need models to guide you. Like coaching models, communication models are maps that show you how to direct communication toward a positive outcome.

As you listen to others speak, what if you could instantly recognize the most valuable information? A good life coach certification gives you the communication skills that paint a clear picture of the most important questions to ask, even though someone may present a variety of information.

Module 8: The Transformation Phase

  • Know when to use techniques for change
  • Recognize the most powerful kinds of change
  • Implement change techniques with precision

This module includes a toolbox of techniques for overcoming obstacles. This is the transformation phase of life coaching. Techniques are not everything, but the right technique at the right time works wonders to get unstuck and move ahead.

In this Transformation Phase module, you will learn the optimal conditions for facilitating change, as well as the most influential kinds of change you can achieve inside a coaching session.

Module 9: Cultivating Self-Awareness with NLP

  • Discover the hidden structure of thoughts and feelings
  • Eliminate the impact of negative thoughts and feelings
  • Breakthrough and break free of self-imposed limitations
  • Gain unparalleled insight into relationships

The NLP transformation tools in this module are the hidden structure behind every thought and feeling you can have. These maps of the mind are not taught anywhere but in NLP coach training. Knowing, specifically, how your inner life works, gives you the keys to change.

Module 10: Building Inner Resource with NLP

  • Make solid decisions
  • Motivate yourself and others easily
  • Create customized strategies for success
  • Understand key drivers of human behavior
  • Access empowered states of excellence at will

Wanting something is never enough; you also need to be empowered and have an effective strategy for success. You can build inner resources by learning new strategies, mental building blocks, and formulas to create any result on the inside before producing it in the world.

Clients want results. If you have the tools to help them turn bad decision-making around, motivate themselves effortlessly, and create states of excellence whenever they need, you will deliver those results.

Module 11: The Past, Future, and Goal Setting with NLP

  • Set goals that draw upon your strengths and avoid obstacles
  • Identify and overcome the right obstacles
  • Change your perception of the past and future to support your goals
  • Feel more excitement, curiosity, and self-confidence
  • Let go of the past and program your future for success
  • Harmonize the past and future to create learning and motivation

A life coach training must have a focus on goal-setting. Learn how to harness all your resources, anticipate obstacles, and look at goals through a holistic lens.

At the iNLP Center, we take things a step further by giving you the NLP methods that put the entire past and future in perspective. This will give you the opportunity to help move your client beyond past programming and set them up for a bright future.

Module 12: Transforming Stuck States with NLP

  • Overcome fears that block progress
  • Access and maintain positive mindsets on purpose
  • Change limiting mindsets into resourceful ones
  • Overcome bad habits with creative new solutions
  • Turn any negative into a positive

The ability to help some get unstuck and move forward in their life is the signature of a skilled life coach. Helping people get unstuck is not the gift of a few lucky people. You will learn some of the best techniques ever developed to transform negative states and habitual behaviors into a non-issue.

Module 13: The Integration Phase

  • Learn to set your clients up for success between sessions
  • Know the best kind of homework assignments to give
  • Establish accountability with clients to keep them motivated
  • Make the breakthroughs in coaching sessions count

All the mindset shifts in the world mean little if they do not result in new behaviors. An overlooked part of many coaching cycles is the actions taken between sessions.

Using our Coach-Do model, you will learn how to help clients take action on the insights and newfound motivation that arises in their coaching sessions. You will learn how to set positive expectations and give customized homework assignments that they will be excited to do. This is the work of integration, a skill set every life coach must have!

Module 14: The Wrap-Up and Homework Phase

As a session wraps up, some of the most important coaching can happen if you know how to leverage the power of homework. There are three kinds of homework you can give your clients so they continue making progress between sessions. It is important to understand the purpose of each and match that purpose to their needs. Do this well and your clientele will grow.

Module 15: Life Coach Skills Review

  • Develop lasting confidence as a coach through real experience
  • Practice coaching in front of your trainer for immediate feedback
  • Observe coaching sessions and ask questions
  • Learn from coaches with 25+ years of life coach training expertise
  • Pass your life coach certification and move ahead in your coaching business

It is time to complete your life coach certification course with a thorough review of the coaching skills you have learned. Through simulations, role-plays, and real coaching with others, you will begin to feel coaching confidence that will propel you forward into success as a life coach!

Module 16: Bonus Coaching Models

  • Deep self-acceptance
  • Tame the angry, rebellious, hidden or outcast parts of yourself
  • Experience your core state for perhaps the first time

Core Transformation is one of the deepest and most sophisticated processes to create a state of wholeness, oneness, peace, or connection to the universe in the field of NLP. The method was developed by Connie Rae Andreas, who has generously given the iNLP Center permission to teach it to you.

The Criteria for Psychological Safety is a iNLP Center model geared towards reducing anxiety and getting to a place where one feels safe. You will learn how to recognize your criteria for personal safety to achieve your goals in a more effective way.

Your Life Coaching Business & Marketing Guide

This marketing course isn’t just about theory – it’s your action plan to a thriving coaching practice. Forget feeling lost in a sea of marketing jargon. We’ll equip you with the battle-tested strategies you need to attract a steady stream of ideal clients.

Here’s what makes this Masterclass your secret weapon:

  • From Brainstorm to Boom: We’ll guide you through every step of crafting a winning marketing plan. This includes everything from nailing your business name and building a stunning website to mastering the art of search engine optimization. You’ll learn how to make your online presence magnetic, attracting clients who are ready to work with you.
  • Live Coaching – Your Marketing MVP: The real magic happens in our exclusive live sessions. Every week for 3 weeks, we’ll dedicate laser-focused time on YOU. Our experts will answer your burning questions, brainstorm creative ideas tailored to your niche, and even review your current marketing strategy and website. No matter where you are in your marketing journey, we’ll meet you there and propel you forward.
  • No More One-Size-Fits-All: Forget generic marketing advice. We understand that every coaching practice is unique. Our personalized approach ensures you develop a marketing strategy that resonates with your ideal client and fuels the growth of your coaching empire.
What is NLP?

NLP Coaching Skills are the KEY to Effective Coaching

NLP is a set of models that allows someone to create cognitive behavioral change and build more resourceful states to achieve their goals. NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP models teach you how to see problems from new perspectives to find better solutions. NLP holds a vast library of tools and techniques that one can access to solve any problem they may face. This flexibility is what makes NLP the most suitable training for coaches in any niche or everyday people trying to move forward in their lives.

how to be a certified life coach

You’ll Master these skills by the end of this training:

Ask Powerful Questions to Gain Better Insight

Get Yourself and Clients Unstuck

Learn How to Read Clients

Build Rapport Quickly and Communicate More Effectively

Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Goal

Master Decision and Motivation Strategies

Master the Language of Influence

Understand your Past to Program your Future

Transform Relationships

Bonus Courses

Bonus Trainings:

Included with All Tracks:

Your Life Coaching Business & Marketing Guide

This course covers everything you’ll need to plan and develop your marketing plan of attack. We’ll cover everything from your business name, to your website, to search engine optimization, to how to attract clients. The biggest bonus of this course is the 3 weekly live sessions that focus on you – answering your questions, giving you ideas, and even reviewing your current marketing strategy and website. We meet you wherever you’re at in your marketing process.

Included with One-Time Payment option for All Coach Training Tracks:

Hypnosis Practitioner Training

Hypnosis Practitioner Badge

Learn fundamental hypnosis skills such as hypnotic voice, suggestibility, inductions, and deepeners, as well as our Presenting Problem Protocol to assist you with your hypnosis session. You’ll also learn how to write your own custom scripts and suggestions to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes. This training also includes unlimited live training sessions with your trainer. Read More

Receive a credit of up to $699 with the One-Time Payment option for the Mental Health Coach Track

Life Purpose Coach Training

Life Purpose Coach Badge

Many new life coaches enter the field seeking a new path that represents a deeper purpose. The Life Purpose Coach Training will help you clarify your purpose further so that you can lead clients down a similar path. Read More

Adv. Hypnotherapy Training

Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner Badge

This advanced course will include the study into regression, a deeper understanding of the subconscious and how it ticks, and how to fully utilize its abilities to better the client and help them achieve their goals. Read More

Mindfulness Practitioner Training

Mindfulness Practitioner Badge

This training consists of material that covers historical, scientific, and practical information about mindfulness. In additional to weekly live sessions, this program also ncludes guided meditations and daily mindful activities to support your personal practice. Read More

NLP Weight Loss Coach Training

NLP Weight Loss Coach Badge

This training teaches you how to assist your client (and yourself) in losing and managing weight using NLP techniques and mindset shifts. Includes a coaching system to use with clients. Read More

Coach Package Creation Course

This workshop training will teach you how to build a coaching package that meets the specific needs of your ideal client. By the end of this training, you will have a complete coaching package ready to market to the public. As well, as a coaching session blueprint that you can use during your coaching sessions to stay on track. Read More

NLP for Sales Training

NLP Sales Practitioner Badge

Learn how to use NLP techniques to generate more sales and close leads. This training will take you through the Ultimate Sales Process using NLP skills to enhance each and every step. Read More

Program FAQ’s

Life Coach Certification Online FAQs

If you have more questions, please read our FAQ page or contact us at 951-428-4264.

Need help deciding which life coach certification training is right for you?

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