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100% Online & Self-Paced

229 Units,114 Audios, 23 Videos

21-day Acuity Awareness journal

6-Course Personal Development Program

2 Professional NLP Certifications

Awards 24 ICF CCE hours

3-month membership with the INA

Daily Live Training Sessions in Zoom

Lifetime Access to Your Learning Material

Work entirely online – no travel required!

Live, expert help via email, chat, and phone

Practice with Fellow Students

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What You’ll Learn in our NLP Combo Training

NLP is a set of models that allows someone to create change by building more resourceful states to achieve their goals. NLP models teach you how to see problems from new perspectives to find better solutions by providing a variety of tools and techniques to solve any problem one may face. This flexibility is what makes NLP the most suitable training for coaches in any niche to help clients move forward in their lives.

NLP Practitioner Badge

NLP Practitioner Training

Mod1: NLP Fundamentals: Your Mind at Work
Learn the basic concepts of NLP, including sensory acuity, behavior flexibility, states of excellence, and VAK representation systems.

Mod2: VAK Representational Systems & Eye Accessing Cues
Explore the different ways that people represent information in their minds and how to use eye accessing cues to understand someone’s state of mind.

Mod3: Rapport and Other People
Learn you how to build rapport with anyone, in any culture, using verbal and non-verbal NLP communication techniques.

Mod4: NLP States
Learn how to enter and exit different psychological states at will, using NLP techniques. Learn how to associate a positive feeling with a specific stimulus and techniques for quickly learning new behaviors.

Mod5: NLP Strategies
Understand how to model and replicate the thinking patterns of successful people, using NLP techniques.

Mod6: The Meta Model
Understand the underlying meaning of vague language, identify hidden assumptions, and uncover the real needs of your client.

Mod7: Exploring Submodalities
Learn how to explore and change the specific details of your experiences in both subtle and profound ways so that you can create the outcomes you want to achieve.

Mod8: The Milton Model
Learn how to use the Milton Model language pattern to guide people through problems, to change their behavior, and to create new experiences.

Mod9: Creating Outcomes with NLP
Learn how to set and achieve specific goals using the NLP Outcome Specification model, and how to use VAK principles to manifest your goals.

Mod10: Perceptual Positions
Learn to experience different positions to help solve misunderstandings, develop greater maturity and compassion, and well as let go of past relationship hurts.

Mod11: Reframing with NLP
NLP reframing models give us the tools to change meaning by choice, not by chance, to change unwanted habits, feelings, and all manner of rigid thoughts and behaviors.

Mod12: The Timeline Technique
Learn this powerful tool for changing our perception of the past and future to modify our sense of the past and future in a way that serves us better.

NLP Master Practitioner Badge

NLP Master Training

Mod1: Psychological Levels of Development
Help clients understand themselves at the survival, social, emotional, and spiritual levels. The concept provides a framework for understanding how people grow and change over time.

Mod2: The Physiology Map
Learn how to move around the four quadrants of the Physiology Map to understand the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and physical state, which allows for empowering behaviors.

Mod3: The Twelve States of Attention
The Twelve States of Attention is a way of understanding how people process information. This allows us to learn how to control our attention and choose the states of attention that are most beneficial to us.

Mod4: The Quad Map
The Quad Map is based on the idea that our attention can be directed to the past, present, or future, and to the internal or external environment. This Map teaches where to direct our attention to achieve our goals.

Mod5: Criteria for Psychological Safety
Learn how to create a psychologically safe environment for yourself and others, and how to deal with or adjust situations where psychological safety is lacking.

Mod6: Metaphoric Intervention
Metaphorical intervention is a way of using metaphors to change people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Discover how to identify your metaphors, and to create more resourceful ones.

Mod7: Core Transformation
Reach a state of wholeness and oneness through the Core Transformation process. Learn how to use this process to heal yourself from past traumas and create a more fulfilling life.

Mod8: The Default Mode Network
The DMN is associated with self-referential thoughts about the past, the future, and your feelings. Learn about the role of the DMN in attention, emotion, and self-awareness, and how to control it.

Mod 9: Meta Programs
Meta programs are unconscious filters that guide our decisions and behaviors. Learn about the different types of meta programs, and how to identify and change them to create more resources.

Mod10: Presuppositions
Presuppositions are the hidden assumptions embedded in our language. Learn how to identify presuppositions, and how to use them with clients to gain helpful insight.

Mod11: Logical Levels
Understand human behavior through the lens of logical levels model. Use this model to help your clients determine what level change needs to take place to achieve their goals.

100% Online, Self-Paced, and Daily Live Sessions!

Live Session Times Available:

Attend as often as you like, even after you’ve completed the training!

Mondays – 5am
Mondays – 3:30pm
Mondays – 5pm
Tuesdays – 5pm
Wednesdays – 1am
Wednesdays – 2pm
Thursdays – 10am
Fridays – 5am
Saturdays – 6am
Sundays – 4pm

Listed in the Pacific Timezone

iNLP Center offers a unique learning experience that combines the flexibility of an online platform with the benefits of live interaction.

You can work self-paced and 100% online, but you also have the opportunity to connect with other students and trainers in our live online classrooms whenever you need help or want to learn more.

All iNLP Center enrollments include unlimited access to live training sessions, allowing you to work with our trainers and fellow students in real time, from the comfort of your own home!

Learn More about Live Sessions

What happens in the Live Training Sessions?
Our Small-Group Live sessions provide training on specific models, include NLP demonstrations, explanations, and anything else the students would like to discuss. They are interactive via video and audio, and you can participate as much or as little as you like. They are not recorded.

Am I required to attend Live Training Sessions?
Attendance is NOT required for NLP Combo students. However, we highly recommend you attend. But, to receive ICF CCE’s you must attend 12 total live sessions.

Is there a fee to attend the Live Training Sessions?
Unlimited Live Sessions are included with your NLP Combo enrollment fee.

How do I attend a live session?
Our live trainings are held in Zoom virtual classrooms. The links to the classrooms are accessed through our Google Calendar in your Student Dashboard. No RSVP required!

Can I attend any of the Live Training Sessions?
You can attend any of the “NLP Live” sessions at any time during and after your training.

Live Session Schedule – Attend when it’s convenient for you!
We offer 10 live sessions per week you can attend as you like. They are scheduled 7 days per week at various times to accommodate all timezone.


Accreditation You Can Trust!

International NLP Accreditation –
– International Coaching Federation: 24 ICF CCE’s credits

Plus, a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee!

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Payment Methods for Life Coach Certification

To get this special $799 price, you must pay in full at time of enrollment.
Payments plans for the NLP Combo are $249/mo. for 4 months. Enroll with payment plan.

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