ICF Mentor Coaching for ACC or PCC – Start This Week!

Our 10-hour ICF mentoring coaching program is a flexible-schedule training consisting of 7 small-group clinics and 3 private sessions. All sessions are taught by an iNLP Center-approved ICF PCC coach mentor.

Who can enroll in our ICF Mentor Coaching Program:

  • Anyone who has completed a 60 or 125-credit hour Coach Training program, either from iNLP Center or another coach training center.
  • Anyone renewing their ACC or PCC credential.

    ICF Mentor Coaching Program Curriculum:

    Our ICF mentor coaching curriculum is focused on the ICF coaching competencies. The sessions will include the following content:

    • ICF core competency principles and practices
    • Life coaching case scenarios for discussion and application
    • Demonstration of life coaching in the class with students
    • Commentary and class discussion about the coaching process and outcomes
    • Comprehensive preparation for the new ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment
    • Review of your coaching demonstrations looking for areas of improvement and excellence.

    Attend an ICF Mentor Clinic this week to Get Started

    Program Schedule:

    Our ICF Mentor Clinics are held every:

    • Tuesday at 3:00pm pacific
    • Friday at 9am pacific
    • Saturday at 5am pacific

    Choose which session to attend each week. You may skip a week or attend more than once per week – whatever you like as long as you span at least 3 months.

    Three private sessions will be scheduled between you and your private ICF mentor coach once you have attended seven ICF Mentor Clinics.

    Start Your 10-hour ICF Mentor Coaching this Week

    Program fee also includes Unlimited Peer Coaching in our Coaching Buddies program!

    Renewing your ACC or PCC credential? Check out our 40-hour ICF Renewal Program which provides NLP training, unlimited marketing, and 10 hours of ICF Coach Mentoring > See it here

    Looking for an ICF Coach Training? Our ICF Mentor Coaching is also included in our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training Level 1 and Level 2 trainings.

    ICF Mentor Coaching FAQ’s

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