Become an iNLP Center NLP Trainer

inlp-seal-brown-trainerYou can become a
Certified iNLP Center Trainer

The Trainer Track Overview:

• You will be certified as an NLP Trainer through iNLP Center and INA.

• As an iNLP Center Certified Trainer,  you’ll have the ability to teach and certify your students as iNLP Center Certified NLP Practitioners, using iNLP Center training material. Once your students complete their course, they will receive a certificate signed by both iNLP Center and you.

• You’ll have the options of conducting live trainings, online sessions with students, or simply referring students to You will also be listed on as a referral trainer.

• For live trainings, there is no licensing fee. You pay only our certification fee for your students of $200 per certificate.

• For One-on-One or Plus students, you receive 75% commission as their instructor.

• For online only students you refer to our site, you receive 25% commission.

• The ability to use the iNLP Center logo and sales material to market your business, a trusted name in NLP.

• Our iNLP Center Marketing Course which show you how to get traffic to your website and how to keep their attention.

How do I become an iNLP Center Certified NLP Trainer?

iNLP Center Certified NLP Trainers must have completed both of the following:

Enrollment Fees

The enrollment fees for becoming an iNLP Center Certified Trainer, including all three courses, can range depending on which course type you choose (Online, Plus or One-on-One).

You can choose to take either the Online, Plus or One-on-One trainings to obtain your Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates, or mix them up. We recommend taking at least one training as either the Plus or One-on-One. This will allow you to get clear on all our NLP material prior to enrolling in the Trainer’s Training.

Payment plans are available for all courses. Please contact us to create a special Trainer’s Track payment plan, if necessary. See course prices below:



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