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Hi, I’m Mike Bundrant, founder of iNLP Center. I am an NLP Master Practitioner, INA Fellow Trainer and retired psychotherapist (NM).

I became a certified NLP practitioner in 1993 by taking a 27-day NLP certification course from Western States Training in Salt Lake City, UT. Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith were co-trainers then. I was certified by Michael Grinder after three days of watching him razzle dazzle the room. I’ll never forget that.

I jumped right on master track at that point by going to Santa Fe, NM and taking a 21-day intensive from NLP Santa Fe’s Jake Eagle and Nelson Zink. What a meaningful experience! In fact, it was so worthwhile that I packed up and moved to New Mexico and joined the NLP Santa Fe training team to learn how to be a trainer.

That journey began in 1994. In 1995, I had the opportunity to develop our NLP training presence in Toyko, Japan. I do believe I was the first American to conduct a full-fledged NLP practitioner certification in Japan. Since then, I have designed and taught several NLP courses every year as a master trainer, and have been fortunate enough to make two trips a year to Tokyo for many years now, sponsored by the great Kazuhiko Umemoto of Team Medicine and supported by the world’s best translator, Nobuko Kobayashi. The programs I teach in Japan were recently certified by INA.

Jake and I wrote a book that was published in Japan in 2007. We call it Holistic NLP. It represents our unique approach to the field. I provide the digital version of it to my online students free of charge.

Hope and I decided to take the NLP courses and certification program online, co-founding the iNLP Center. My disappointment at how NLP is advertised and perceived has driven me to create an honest curriculum that doesn’t hype NLP or pretend it will give you magical powers. It’s a wonderful set of skills that is sure to enhance your life. Is that enough for you?

Because of NLP, I’ve been fortunate enough in life to do exactly what I want. I couldn’t ask for anything more. What takes up most of my time is my family. I live in Murrieta, CA with my wife, Hope, and our children.

If you haven’t had enough of me yet, here are a few more details…

I Am Flexible: Here’s Proof

Every trip to Japan to train NLP brings more teasing from my translator, Nobuko.

“You’re so rigid!” she says. All you eat is peppered beef and rice. NLP trainers are supposed to be flexible!

In self-defense, I could mention all those little fish heads I’ve eaten and even managed to keep down, but I won’t go there. Instead, I will give you a brief tour of my personal and professional history that should put the issue to rest:)

1986-1988. Was Mormon at the time and left for Brazil on a two-year mission. Learned Portuguese so well I dreamed in it nightly and nearly forgot how to speak English!

1990. Dropped out of Brigham Young University’s psychology program because the professors couldn’t answer my questions (I was an arrogant kid).

1992. Found NLP and took the practitioner training from Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith when they ran Western States Training in SLC. Was certified by Michael Grinder.

1993. Journeyed to Santa Fe, NM to do the master track from Jake Eagle and Nelson Zink, the desert men of NLP, who offered NLP from an expansive state of being, which I found appealing. I also appreciated their honesty about the limitations of NLP. They weren’t NLP zealots (I was).

1994. Moved to Santa Fe to join Jake in marketing and running NLP training in an extended apprenticeship to become an NLP trainer.

1995. My first of dozens of trips to Toyko to teach NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer Certification courses with Kazuhiko Umemoto of Team Iryo.

1994-2000. Marketed and ran successful NLP training with NLP Santa Fe. Also, I had completed my psychology degree and was grandfathered into a New Mexico mental health counselor license. I practiced at The Family Institute in Albuquerque under the supervision of David Heard, PhD. Dr. Heard received his training directly from Jay Haley, whom I had the chance to meet.

2001. Had the realization that if all I did in life were practice psychotherapy and train NLP, my life experience would be too narrow. So, I left my successful practice and took an opportunity to run The Uptime Institute, a high-end data center engineering firm that serves Fortune 100 clients exclusively.

2003. Left Uptime to run my brother’s company, All Pro Off Road, which sells rock crawling and off-road parts to Toyota 4WD enthusiasts. During this time I helped build my own rig and took up the sport.

2004-Present. Jon and I parted ways in business and I found myself with not much to do other than teach NLP in Japan, which I had continued to do for six weeks every year since 1995, so I founded Healthy Times Newspaper.

2005. I got too curious about the origins of Mormonism and ended up leaving the Mormon Church. I created a recovery website and free workbook to help others get on with their life after leaving the Mormons. The existential funk is enormous. I still get requests for the workbook.

2006. Franchised Healthy Times Newspaper, which had gained some momentum. Expanded Healthy Times into 5 new territories, including Hong Kong. (NLP is great for sales).

July 2, 2009. Married my wife, Hope, in a redwood forest near San Francisco and have a blended family of eight kids. Talk about flexibility!

Of course, there are many aspects of my personal history that I can’t and wouldn’t mention here, but this may put the issue to rest. I am flexible! From Mormon missionary to psychotherapist to engineering firm to hanging out on the rock crawling trail with a bunch of beer-guzzling gearheads; from devout Mormonism to free thinking humanist and successful entrepreneur – and who knows where else I will go. Life is an adventure.

NLP and the structural understanding it provided has helped me navigate the changes and opportunities better than any other tool I have learned. No hype. My life has been difficult like most lives are and I have had varying degrees of success and failure in each of my endeavors. On the whole, however, knowing NLP has allowed me to relate well and productively with a broad range of people and learn skills from a wide range of fields. This has made all the difference.


Certified NLP Practitioner (1991)
Western States Training in Salt Lake City
Certifying Trainers: Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith and Michael Grinder

Certified NLP Master Practitioner (1993)
NLP Santa Fe
Certifying Trainers: Jake Eagle and Nelson Zink

Certified NLP Trainer (1994)
NLP Santa Fe
Certifying Trainer: Jake Eagle

INA Fellow Trainer (2008)
International NLP Association

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Retired)
New Mexico, USA

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