Your Achilles Eel: You haven’t read a book like this yet…


Your Achilles Eel reveals the most elusive mystery in mental health and personal development.

It does so in an easy-to-read style that even a child can understand.

This short book is written as if a forbidden part of your mind were breaking all the rules by telling you the truth.

And the truth is NOT what you expect!

In fact, chances are extremely high that you have never heard a truth quite like this before.

So many of us are tormented by self-criticism, low self-worth, bad habits, resentment, rejection, inner emptiness or isolation, lack of confidence, lack of purpose, pessimism or behaviors that just don’t make sense.


Your Achilles Eel is your opportunity to learn how these unfortunate attitudes become part of your psyche and – most of all – why you have not gotten rid of them.

Once you understand the message of this unique book, a whole new world of choice opens before you eyes. Then, you can successfully apply the clearly outlined process to make your life what you know it is meant to be.

This is more than a fun and interesting book. Your Achilles Eel is based on science. The core concept in this book has been the subject of over 300 research papers published in medical journals. Amazingly, you have never heard of the authors!

And there is a reason you haven’t heard of them.

The basic human neurosis outlined here, along with the profoundly simple cure, have been systematically suppressed by modern mental health for over 50 years. In fact, the originator of this science predicted it would be 100 years before humankind would be willing to understand.

Are you willing?

Then read what professionals in psychology and personal development are saying:


Fascinating and potentially life changing, Your Achilles Eel explores a psychological phenomenon that sets many of us up for chronic negativity and unhappiness–and offers a simple solution to overcome it.

I wish I’d read this two decades ago. It’s brief, but powerful!

Lori Deschene


Have you experienced problems that just won’t go away no matter what you try? Do you make decisions even though you know they aren’t in your best interest? Then, the Achilles Eel is a must read, providing powerful ideas that can make life your life better, just by understanding them.

The book guides you in examining long held beliefs from a new perspective; seeing them for what they are, and providing specific steps for detaching from their grip.

As a psychologist, I have been implementing these groundbreaking ideas with clients and know first-hand how well they can work. Best of all, Mike Bundrant has presented this method in an engaging and clear format.

I highly recommend this book for everyone committed to releasing negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and ways of being. The wisdom within the pages has the power to make an enormous difference.

Janice Walton, PhD
Practicing psychologist and clinical supervisor,


In the middle of reading this book I began to recognize my negative psychological attachments, which I expected to be able to do. However, four days on, the book was obviously working away at a subconscious level and I became aware of an attachment I seriously didn’t know I had. I’m not talking about something I didn’t want to acknowledge, I’m talking about the one I didn’t know was there.

I can start to work through this now; where it began and maybe why. But through this reading, now that I can acknowledge it, I can do the work to let it go.

Take your time with this book, allow your subconscious mind to work through what you’ve read, after your conscious mind thinks it knows what it’s read.

Susane’ Belkhaiti
2-time IronMan Competitor, Life Coach

ACHILLES-EEL-COVER-FINAL-thin3dThree important things you will learn in this book:

• Why you do what you do. There is a reason you continue with behaviors that you don’t like. And it isn’t what you expect. Once you understand, you’ll have the awareness and elusive motivation to change when it counts.

• Why people get themselves into situations, again and again, that cause pain. Once you see the pattern, the key to reversing life-long habits will be in your hands.

• A unique and simple process for implementing change in your life at the deepest level.

Don’t wait any longer… Read it Now!


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