Work Life Balance Personal Coaching Program- Get in Balance Today!

Work Life Balance Personal Coaching Program- Get in Balance Today!

Are You Struggling to Find Work Life Balance to meet everyone’s needs? It’s Time to Make a Change!

This coaching program will help you discover ….

  • Why on earth you are working so much!
  • How to be present with your family when spending time with them.
  • How to access that sweet spot of satisfaction in your work life balance.
  • How to reduce your stress around the pressure you are facing in each area of your life.
  • How to identify your relationship and the meaning of money to create more satisfaction and happiness.
  • How to effectively communicate your feelings and needs to your family members.

This 6-Session Coaching Program Assists You
with Balancing your Work Life by Helping you:

Create a Family/Work Vision…
With this vision, you’ll now have a tool to access it which will help you move closer to the work and family balance you want.

Identifying Your Areas of Success and Areas Lacking…
With this awareness, you’ll have action steps and tools to use towards the areas that need more presence to create more work life balance.

Creating Satisfaction at both Work and Home…
You will create conscious action steps to take in these moments and will experience more balance and peace.

Having a Deeper Understanding and Awareness of Your Stress and How it May be Helping You…
You’ll have tools to greatly reduce stress and the ability to cope in the moment when stressors arise.

Understanding the Relationship between Your Earning Potential and Happiness
Having harmony and balance is the key to taking the lid off earning potential.

Developing a Deeper Understanding of the Importance of Being Present
You’ll have tools and insights on how to effectively communicate to bring work and family life into balance.

work life balance coach Jeff Adler
Jeff Adler
Certified Life Coach
and NLP Master

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