When You HAVE the Tools, But You DON’T Use Them

It's good to share...

frustrationFor more than 20 years I asked some of the best minds and most successful people in the world a simple question. The answers varied, but none of them were satisfying. The most common answers:

I don’t know.
If we only knew that…
Now, that is the $64,000 question!

Here is the question:

Why don’t people use the knowledge and tools they already have?

Another version of the question:

Why do people often do the opposite of what is helpful, even when they know better?

How does the following EVER happen?

You know exactly how to lose weight, but do the opposite, even after making some progress.

You know the kind of person you should never date, but are attracted to them regardless.

You know exactly how to avoid an argument with someone close to you, but walk right into one.

You know that other people are not judging you harshly, but obsess on it anyway, creating a ton of social anxiety.

You know not to walk into that bar, or casino, or buffet, or smoke shop, but walk right in.

You know you need to spend more time with your family, but keep right on working.

You know you could do more around the house, but keep slacking.

You know you should tell your husband what you need, but keep quiet.

You know you have what it takes to start that new business venture, but cannot get yourself to do it.

In short, you have the knowledge and the tools, but do not apply them!


I have searched diligently over two decades for an answer to help my clients and myself. I finally found it and am very excited to share it with you, complete with examples of how this solution works in real life.

At the end of the video, Hope and I teach you a groundbreaking process called AHA! This is the key to emotional freedom and real choice in life.

To watch the free video, click here!

When You HAVE the Tools, But You DON'T Use Them

It's good to share...

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