The iNLP Center Business Building System

nlp training practitionerWhat’s the difference between a life coach with lots of clients and a coach with zero clients? Two things.

1. Has a web presence with a compelling message for the right audience.

2. Knows how to sell coaching.

Life coaching is a specialty service sale.

Selling it can be challenging because most people who would benefit from life coaching don’t know it. They’ve never experienced coaching. How can they know when to call a life coach if they don’t understand what a coach does?

People know when to go to a doctor. They know when to call a plumber. Doctors, plumbers, and other service professions are well-branded in the public awareness. By the time we make adult decisions to call a doctor or plumber, we’ve learned through experience when we need them.

Life coaching isn’t as established, not yet. Who grew up with parents who regularly hired life coaches and taught their children the immense benefits of being coached?

This is why many coaches fail to enroll lots of clients. They’re trying to sell their services as if potential clients know when they need to be coached.

The Challenge is:
Selling a specialty service that people have never experienced,
don’t understand, and have no idea they need.

Surprisingly, it’s still relatively easy to sell life coaching. You just need to approach it a certain way. To sell life coaching services successfully, you must assume that the words life coaching mean nothing to your potential clients. Then, focus your message on selling solutions to specific problems. Moreover, you should package those solutions into specialized coaching programs designed with specific challenges in mind.

The Business Building System at iNLP Center helps you craft your message, develop your coaching packages, and gives you the tools to make it all happen.

The Business Building System is a no-brainer for coaches who don’t have a marketing background and want to eliminate a ton of trial and error. Depending on the marketing approach you take, your coaching business can be relatively easy to build or 100% impossible to build. We want to show you how easy it really is!

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The iNLP Business Building System includes:


The iNLP Center Business Building System

Your Custom Coach Website

  • A custom life coach website – done for you.
  • You choose the domain name
  • You own the website 100%
  • Design and content consult & direction
  • We build it for you!
  • Individual WordPress training so you can maintain and grow your website.

Based on your life coaching niche, our expert design team will build your custom website or enhance your existing site. For those new to website ownership, we assist you in registering your domain and setting up your hosting. We provide feedback on content, suggest what content to include for the best results, and provide training so you can edit and manage your website. This is a website that you own independently and control for life. Learn More about what’s included!

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The iNLP Center Business Building System

The Windfall System

  • Learn how to easily sell your coaching services to new clients.
  • Individual coaching to learn the system.
  • The specific format for phone conversations that convert prospects into clients.
  • Specific things to say AND avoid saying if you want to enroll new clients.
  • The confidence you need to speak with prospects and sell your service.
  • $50 Life Coach Spotter Credit to try our your new system.

Selling your services doesn’t have to be hard. It’s all about knowing the right words at the right time. We’ll teach you what to ask and say to potential clients to encourage them to sign on for your life coaching services and packages. Using our templates, we will help you position yourself to turn their Aha moment into sale.

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The iNLP Center Business Building System

Digital Marketing Training

  • Individual & personalized training to learn
  • How to optimize your website for search engines.
  • How to bring traffic to your website, even when starting from zero.
  • How to do keyword research.
  • Templates for writing simple articles that engage readers.
  • The best resources for continued learning and development as an online marketer.

To learn this, you will need to already have a website or be working on developing one. This course teaches how to optimize your website and online marketing to bring traffic to your website and get found on the internet. Isn’t enough to just have a website, people need to find it. If they can’t find it, they can’t find you.

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Get our Entire Business Building System for $1899

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