Stop Punishing Yourself Email Coaching Program


Are you ready to stop punishing yourself and begin to enjoy life more?

If so, I have a proposal. Let me help you with four things:

1. Discover your personal form of self-punishment.

2. Tap into the deep, positive resources (which you may have forgotten about) that you’ll need to stop punishing yourself.

3. Create a specific, step-by-step plan to neutralize your mental and emotional self-punishment patterns.

4. Follow your plan and achieve greater peace of mind and freedom from self-punishment.

I propose to do this over email, as your personal coach. Over roughly a month, I’ll assess your individual situation, give you specific assignments and personally guide you through the process that I have designed for letting go of self-punishing tendencies.

Common benefits of doing this work include:

• A quiet, non-punishing mind
• Greater self-respect
• More motivation to do what you want
• Clearer boundaries (ability to say no)
• Increased self-discipline
• Relief!

It will take some effort on your part, for sure.

I’ll ask you to learn some things. I’ll require you to think deeply.

And I’ll expect your best effort.

It will be worth it.

emailStop Self-Punishment Email Coaching Program

In many ways this program is the best of the iNLP Center because it draws upon our most valuable resources: NLP methods and the invaluable resources in our personal development program.

During this program, I will be giving you access to specific learning modules, with special instructions that relate to your personal situation. So, this is a personal tour of some of our best stuff.

In this program you’ll get:

10 personal, non-automated emails from me with questions, instructions and access to the learning material that applies specifically to you. We may email back and forth many more than 10 times. The foundation of the program is 10 customized emails, though.

I’ll read every email you send, personally and confidentially, and give you an individual reply to move you forward.

The entire program will take about a month, estimated, depending on how quickly you respond and complete your assignments.

When you register, you’ll be directed to a page with instructions to get started and my personal email address for this program.

The cost of this email coaching program is $79

$79 is less than you’d pay for just one 45-minute coaching session with me ($125). It’s less than our personal development program ($129). It’s much less than our NLP certification ($539).

Yet, you’ll get elements of all of these: my personal feedback and guidance, access to the personal development modules that apply to you and NLP tools from our NLP training. It’s a great opportunity to spend your spare time over the next month doing something that might make a huge difference.

If you tend to be mentally or emotionally self-punishing, I hope you’ll join me so that you can take a sure step toward relief.

Other things you should know:

• All emails are secure and confidential.
• You do not need to use your real name if you don’t want to.
• There will be no phone calls or Skype sessions.
• This is an individual (not a group) program.
• This program is different for everyone. It goes according to what you present.
• You will not be required to read or write lengthy emails.
• If for some reason this program is not for you, then I’ll refund your fee.

***Of course, this program is not mental health counseling or to be used to treat medical conditions and I cannot accept clients with severe mental health issues, drug addiction or who are considering committing crimes or suicide.

Basically, if your life is stable, but you have some of the tendencies we’ve discussed here, this program will be a sure step forward. If it’s not I’ll refund your fee, no questions asked. So, join me!

Stop Punishing Yourself Email Coaching Program


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Mike Bundrant

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