Sleep Switch: Turn OFF your Mind and Rest Tonight

Research shows that poor sleep quality directly increases your chances of early death through disease. When your sleep isn’t right, nothing is right.


SleepSwitch-coverDo you wish you could just flip a switch, turn off your overactive mind and drift off to sleep?

Amazingly, you can do just that.  This is what Sleep Switch does. And it is based on a scientifically proven process.

You’ll use Sleep Switch to:

•    Fall asleep quickly and naturally
•    Sleep soundly without relying on drugs or herbs
•    Enjoy a calm mind and relaxed body at night
•    Throw away sleep gadgets and gimmicks
•    Stop troubling yourself with “sleep hygiene”
•    Wake up refreshed, rested and ready for a new day
•    Keep stress at a healthy minimum throughout the day
•    Boost your immune system through better sleep
•    Enjoy greater energy
•    Live a longer, healthier life

Sleep Switch is NOT:

•    Hypnosis
•    Sleep hygiene
•    Progressive relaxation
•    Meditation
•    A sounds of nature app
•    An herbal protocol
•    A nutrition plan

It’s very unlikely you’ve ever heard of anything like Sleep Switch because it is a unique approach that puts your body in the ideal state for natural sleep.

Better yet, these principles have worked on the toughest insomnia populations, combat veterans with posttraumatic stress (West, 2011).

This program is for you if:

•    You toss and turn at night, with an overactive mind or tense body.
•    You have hard time falling asleep quickly.
•    You wake up in the middle of the night and can’t return to sleep quickly.
•    You feel that chronic stress is affecting your sleep.
•    You cannot turn your mind off at night due to excitement, anxiety, stress or worry.

This program is NOT for you if:

•    You are seeking medical advice.
•    You have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.
•    You need suggestions for supplements or nutrition.
•    You can’t download a PDF workbook and listen to mp3 audio files.

Sleep switch works because it turns off the network in your brain that disrupts sleep. Specifically, the brain’s Default Mode Network is the enemy of a good night’s sleep.

Your Brain’s Stress Mechanism:
The Default Mode Network (DMN) is the Culprit!

A default is a preset setting. It’s the mode that operates when no other mode has been activated. For example, word processing software comes with default settings for fonts, page margins, spacing, and so on. Unless you activate different settings, you are stuck with default settings.

Scientists have discovered that the brain also has a default mode.

Billions of times more complex than any computer software, the area in your brain known as the Default Mode Network is like an endless sea of swirling information, compared by DMN pioneer Marcus Raichle, MD, to the “endless dark matter” in the universe.

Medical research has proven that, while the DMN is task negative (it functions in the absence of conscious, intentional acts) it uses 80% more energy than the brain’s executive functioning, where your conscious intention lives. In other words, this “dark matter” of the brain devours bio-fuel as if it were the brain’s primary function.

Perhaps you assumed your brain was actually resting when you aren’t consciously directing your attention…


The DMN is very active when your mind wanders passively, or gets caught up in any “auto-pilot” mental activity. What is most interesting here is that the DMN doesn’t filter information or attempt to protect you in any way.

It merely generates endless mental and emotional data: negative thoughts, scary thoughts, disgusting thoughts, horrifying scenarios, obsessions about the future, ruminations on the past, mundane musings, etc…it goes on and one with no end in sight!

Researchers assume the DMN also connects with other areas of the brain, generating ideas and, basically, staying revved up and ready for action. This can be compared to an orchestra warming up by generating random, non-synchronized music while waiting for the conductor to demand order for a specific performance of organized music.

The DMN doesn’t sound all that bad, does it? So what’s the problem?

The DMN causes real problems when it is overactive. When this never-ending whirlwind of mental activity is allowed to run the show, problems compound. It is like a runaway orchestra with no director, each section of the orchestra mindlessly playing notes randomly.

When the DMN is allowed to run your brain, it creates a tidal wave of mental and bodily activity that has no constructive direction.

For example, you lie down at night with the intention of going to sleep…

As you settle in, you notice your mind beginning to wander, reviewing the events of the day. Then, you run across the memory of your co-worker sneering at you, which increases your body tension and initiates a fantasy of how you will get even, which, in turn, creates tension in your jaw, causing you to wonder if you grind your teeth at night. Should you visit the dentist? Maybe, but money is tight and if….

And so on. This is an example of the DMN in action; a swirl of thoughts and tension that takes on a life of it’s own, with nothing to offer in return but stress and another sleepless night.

Can a brain network actually be deactivated?

It sounds unreal, but it has been scientifically proven. Engaging in specific cognitive tasks disengages the DMN.

In Scientific American Magazine, Dr. Raichle asserts the following:

In 1998 we even had a paper on such findings rejected because one referee suggested that the reported decrease in activity was an error in our data. The circuits, the reviewer asserted, were actually being switched on at rest and switched off during the task. Other researchers, however, reproduced our results for both the medial parietal cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex. Both areas are now considered major hubs of the DMN. (emphasis added)

There you have it, a major brain network being switched on and off by average people who simply followed instructions by performing some simple cognitive tasks!

Switching off the DMN, which uses 80% of the brain’s energy to generate a continual stream of information that clutters the mind, elevates blood pressure and chronically tenses the body, is a major breakthrough for the field of stress management – and a priceless gift for anyone who cannot fall asleep quickly and naturally.

How do we do it?

This is what Sleep Switch is – a simple and effective guide that teaches you specifically how to turn off your overactive DMN and turn on SLEEP.

Here is what you get:

•    The entire Sleep Switch program in one easy-to-access place
•    Original Sleep Switch instruction manual and workbook (PDF file)
•    5 audio guides with detailed instructions for how to do the simple activities
•    Activities customized to your style of DMN stress
•    Immediate access upon purchase – Turn on your Sleep Switch tonight!

We’ve been using Sleep Switch personally for over 7 years. And we’ve shared Sleep Switch over time with clients and friends. It’s so simple and works so well that we now offer it to you in full confidence that you’ll experience the benefits too.

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