The Right Reasons to Change Make all the Difference (here they are)

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innerchangethumbsupThe hunt for information on how to change your life is always in full steam, but there may be a more important question.

What makes the process of change fulfilling?

This is a key to sticking with it. If you enjoy the process itself, then you are much more likely to follow through.

According to research, your underlying reasons – the why of change – is what makes all the difference.

For a moment, forget your preoccupation with how to change and focus on the reasons why you want to change your life.

Research from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that well-being throughout any life transition is greater if you have better reasons for wanting to change.

Important Results from the Research

1. People who make changes because they want a better future are better off than people who want to change to escape the past.

2. People who are motivated to change because of their inner desires are better off than people who want to change because of external circumstances (like someone else requiring it).

3. There may be an additional advantage if the change you want includes interpersonal growth – better interactions with others – as opposed to purely individual goals.

Imagine: when you have all the right reasons for wanting to make significant changes in your life, the strategy for change – or the how to change issue – is simply a matter of course.

You just need a reasonable personal development plan and to follow it. The real power to change comes from your inner motivation.

With the right reasons in place, you are more likely to enjoy the process and much less likely to sabotage it.

How to Discover the Right Reasons to Change Within Yourself

Think of it this way: You already have the right reasons. You want to be happy. You want to be healthy. You want good things, do you not?

The problem is you may also be attached to inner passivity. Inner passivity is the tendency to render yourself powerless (passive) to the outside world, or even to the voice of your own inner criticism.

When you experience life passively, you feel forced. You feel helpless. You feel hopeless, as if you cannot imagine that you will ever get what you want.

With inner passivity, there is no way to enjoy the process of change because you do not feel in charge of the process.

If you can naturally implement the above three points from UOP research into your plans for change, you will undoubtedly empower yourself toward greater success.

If you cannot implement the above points consistently, then consider taking our AHA Solution program, which empowers you to let go of inner passivity. If you haven’t seen the free AHA Solution video, watch it here. Or get some coaching.

You absolutely can let go of inner passivity and take charge of your life. It is a simple matter of confronting your inner passivity and learning how letting it go.

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The Right Reasons to Change Make all the Difference (here they are)

It's good to share...

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