Self Awareness Test – Discover Your Hidden Opportunity for Growth and Success

Self Awareness Test submission count updated: 9/1/2018 Welcome! The iNLP Center self awareness test is on this page. You’ll get your results once you hit the submit button. No email or obligation is required. You can scroll down to the quiz...  

Shining Light On Rejection: What We’ve Discovered from Over 1000 Responses to Our Rejection Attraction Quiz

Since we launched our Rejection Attraction Quiz, 1200 people have taken it. So, THANK YOU to all who took the quiz. By the way, if you haven’t taken it and want to, you can take the Rejection Attraction Quiz here....  

Rejection Attraction Quiz

Welcome to the Enlighten Me Survey Rejection Attraction Quiz! This quiz assesses how prone you are to rejection. Many of us feel chronic low self-esteem and some form of rejection on a regular basis. Further, we subconsciously set ourselves up...  

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