Punch Failure in the Face: Here’s How

Punch Failure in the Face: Here’s How

Do you want to eliminate all obstacles in the way of your goals?

You can. I’m going to show you how, right here and now. In fact, you’re going to punch failure right in the face and knock it out.

The process begins by recognizing self-sabotage. Don’t worry. It’s all going to be obvious by the end of this post.

Self-sabotage: the truly nasty tendency to do the very thing that hurts you.

Got a goal?

Self-sabotage wants you to quit.

Want a loving relationship?

Self-sabotage wants you to choose a loser.

Want to succeed at work?

Self-sabotage wants you to waste your time on the internet instead.

Self-sabotage is failure’s bliss. Why do we sabotage ourselves and fail? And how do we punch failure in the face and move on toward happiness and success?

Here are the essential steps:

1. You must see the self-sabotage.

wake_up_413928This is half the battle. Self-sabotage has a way of disguising itself. When you are caught up in a self-sabotaging moment, it feels right. You may not even recognize your ill-fated decision as an act of self-sabotage. Worse, you may not even care.

The obvious way to see self-sabotage is to notice the excuses you make.

For example:

I’ll start my diet again tomorrow.

He’s not that bad. Besides, I can change him.

I deserve to waste a little of the company’s time once in a while.


Excuses for self-sabotage are the grease that lubes your failure machine. Stop believing the lies you tell yourself. Start seeing them what they are – justifications to go ahead and fail.

So, look for those excuses. They happen on autopilot. Catch them!

2. Call it what it is.

You’ve got to label what you are doing to yourself. Once you see the excuse that is leading toward a self-sabotaging decision, label it.

This is self-sabotage!

Say it to yourself. Say it out loud. Say it to someone near you.

Self-sabotage is sneaky. It happens on autopilot. And for so many of us, the autopilot is set to crash into a wall. You’ve got to wake up and take the wheel.

As soon as you label self-sabotage, you are in the driver’s seat. Of course, you may elect to drive into that wall and fail anyway. Instead, you should…

punch failure in the face3. Punch failure in the face!

So there you are. You’ve seen the excuse. You’ve labeled the self-sabotage. Now, punch it!

Here’s how: Say the following out loud:

Failure, I’m punching you in the face!

Make a fist and take a mighty swing!

Seriously. Physically punch the air. This will change your state and get your blood pumping. People around you will think you’re odd. The truth is, they are the odd ones. They’re not punching failure in the face. They are still making excuses to hurt themselves. Now, that’s odd!

Congratulations! You’ve punched the mighty demon. You’ve got just a few seconds to make a different decision. Don’t hesitate. Do something else. Get on it. Make a new choice and get moving.

Self-sabotage will get a little weaker with every punch. Soon, you’ll be awake, fully alive and driving your own life in the direction of your choice. And you will consciously choose to steer clear of those walls.

Here are some resources to keep you swinging:

Join the Punch Failure in the Face Facebook Group. It’s free. You will get a free worksheet to help you punch failure in the face daily. You’ll get daily tips and motivation. You’ll interact with others who are punching failure in the face. Join!

To learn the deeper workings of self-sabotage within your psyche, watch this free and enlightening video. It breaks it all down simply and shows you more ways to free yourself.

Read the book Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage. This book is written as if the part of your mind that seeks failure were speaking directly to you. It’s hard hitting!

Punch Failure in the Face: Here’s How