Personal Email Coaching Programs

We offer three unique and personal email coaching programs. Each of these brings great benefits, without appointments or high cost. These individualized email coaching programs are convenient and effective. Check them out below:



Reclaim the Positive Emotions of Life Email Coaching Program

It’s commonplace in the world of psychology to hear about repressed, negative emotions, right?

The idea is that because negative emotions are so painful, we push them away – burying them in our subconscious mind, only to suffer the powerful effects that the subconscious mind has on our attitudes and choices.

It’s true enough.

Yet, there’s a highly overlooked area of inquiry that suggests positive emotions get buried, too. In fact, one study recently proved that many psychological depressions are a direct result of suppressing the natural positive emotions that arise throughout the course of a normal day.

The positive emotions are present. You just ignore them – or talk yourself out of them.

And it’s so true. Each of us has more opportunities to feel good than we can count, every single day. Yet, we can become expert at avoiding all those good feelings, can’t we?

This has to end! Read more here.




 Stop Punishing Yourself Email Coaching Program

Are you ready to stop punishing yourself and begin to enjoy life more? (If you don’t know what we mean by “punishing” then read this article for 20 ways you might be punishing yourself unnecessarily).

In many ways this program is the best of the iNLP Center because it draws upon our most valuable resources: NLP methods and the invaluable resources in our personal development program.

During this program, I will be giving you access to specific learning modules, with special instructions that relate to your personal situation. So, this is a personal tour of some of our best stuff. Read the details here.



Hidden Truth Miracle Email Coaching Program

We’re always looking for individuals who want to engage in a life changing truth experiment.

Here’s the deal. We’ve come up with a powerful new formula that utilizes the hidden truth in your psyche to change feelings and behaviors.

The formula is called The Hidden Truth Miracle. We deliver this formula to you in an individually customized email series. In other words, this email coaching happens between your personal inbox and ours. No auto-responders. This is a dynamic program just for you.

Read more about the Hidden Truth Miracle email coaching program by clicking here.










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