Cooling the Fire : Conflict Resolution Strategies

Cooling the Fire : Conflict Resolution StrategiesI just want to get along better.

Most of us attempt to resolve conflicts with other people in a perfectly unproductive way. We tend to do the exact opposite of what works!

Why does conflict resolution seem counter-intuitive? Maybe it’s human nature or social conditioning that directs our inefficient conflict resolution strategies. Regardless of the cause, we almost universally lack a good strategy for taking the most challenging conflicts in communication and turning them quickly into productive and calm engagements. Until now.

The iNLP conflict resolution program is a genuinely unique development in human relations training. No other conflict resolution strategy resembles Cooling the Fire.

These unique conflict resolution strategies work every time and without the necessity of an outside facilitator. You can initiate our conflict resolution strategies on your own from the midst of any difficult communication.

Here is what you will learn to do:

  • Understand the four fundamental categories of human interaction and how to direct communication among them.
  • Turn any verbal conflict into a productive conversation within minutes (often seconds).
  • Help any verbal attacker feel genuinely understood and calm quickly.
  • Entice anyone who has abandoned communication with you to reengage immediately.
  • Feel confident that no matter which way a conversation turns, you have the tools to bring the discussion to a helpful resolution.
  • Be able to teach others these extraordinary conflict resolution strategies.

Most conflict resolution strategies are intended for facilitators who help others manage conflict. Diffusing the flame is for individuals and professionals who want to learn to transform any conflict from inside the interaction.

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The Conflict Resolution Strategy

Amazing! I never realized that there were conflict resolution strategies that were so simple.

Conflict is like a locked door and Cooling the Fire is the key.

Every conflict resolution strategy I have ever learned is complicated, giving a series of steps that require everyone to be calm before they can work. Cooling the Fire begins working in the heat of conflict, no matter what is going on.

This program opened my eyes to the most useful and original conflict management tool I have used in 25 years.

Using the strategies in Cooling the Fire: The Conflict Resolution Strategy I have more confidence than ever. I simply don’t worry about my differences with people anymore.

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Cooling the Fire includes:

1. A PDF workbook that simply and clearly explains how the model works, with specific, real-life examples.
2. Three audio guides that explain the program in detail and help you integrate this model into your life.

Program download available immediately.

This course is only available as part of our Personal Development Program.

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Cooling the Fire : Conflict Resolution StrategiesCooling the Fire : Conflict Resolution Strategies