NLP Reduced to Snake Oil

nlp snake oilI’m embarrassed.

I’ve been learning and teaching NLP since 1992 and NEVER before have I seen such marketing hype out there. The way NLP is promoted these days, you’d think people were standing in front of the snake oil wagon with the Slick out on the stump pontificating on the wonders of his secret potion.

And this! The wondrous SECRET of NLP! Revealed for the first time, friends! This will change your life forever, folks, and without much effort on your part! Before long you’ll be the Master of your mind and everyone else’s!

Step right up!

And people apparently do. Where does that leave the few NLP trainers who don’t care to prey upon fantasies and naivete, overcharging, over promising and under delivering?

I know where it leaves me. Right here:

  • You can learn NLP if you’re willing to open your mind, put in the hours and find a quality trainer. It takes real effort and the rewards are sure to follow.
  • If you’re not familiar with NLP, you will discover a realm of communication and mental structure you hadn’t considered before – not because it is secret, but because it is not taught in schools.
  • You will become a more sophisticated communicator, but will not be able to read minds.
  • You will still have challenges. Knowing NLP will help you navigate those challenges with greater emotional intelligence. Knowing NLP  will help you get through the hard times with more ease and grace, but will not spare you many of those hard times.
  • You will gain a greater control of your mind, but, since your mind is more vast and complex than you can possibly imagine, you will not master it, ever. This is good news. You get to keep learning for life and NLP provides a brilliant structure for so doing.

You get the idea. Step right up! Those who want to learn NLP from a real person who lives in the real world are welcome.

About Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach. He and his wife, Hope, founded iNLP Center in 2011. For information on coaching with Mike, please visit his coaching website AHA System.

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