Neurolinguistic Programming – for Slicks and Con Artists?

Neurolinguistic Programming has something very valuable to offer those in search of personal and professional development. Unfortunately, the field of NLP has been inundated with slicks and con artists who have led many astray with promises of “instant rapport” and “easy change” and “super success” and other nonsense.

It’s embarrassing. NLP is a dynamic and intelligent set of skills, but don’t be fooled by NLP trainers – even those teaching NLP Practitioner Certification training – who over-promise, under-deliver and, essentially lure you in with an NLP dog and pony show.

The real Neurolinguistic Programming is a sophisticated, though disorganized and out of context (ironically), set of tools that remains unsurpassed in the world of interpersonal communication. The roots of NLP, underneath the mess the field has become, represent a dynamic and brilliant perspective on the structure of subjective experience. This perspective has been buried beneath a mountain of BS.

There are a few of us, however, who see through the hype and can teach NLP Certification in a realistic way. We may not be on television or performing in a stadium full of people, but with us you actually get lasting value in return for your investment.

If you are considering certification in Neurolinguistic Programming, consider your course wisely.

Rather than believe in the hype and the magic commonly associated with NLP, get real! Investigate your NLP center and find out if the trainer is worth learning from. Please consider doing the following before investing your money in any NLP training, whether online or in person.

Do you have access to the trainer? Or is he or she out of reach? Can you call to ask a question or get creative ideas on how to apply your new skills?

Does the trainer inspire you? Or does he primarily rely on the reputation of NLP skills to sell training? What about the person who is your trainer? Is this someone you can respect?

Neurolinguistic Programming is short on theory, long on techniques and, frankly, a magnet for people who are hungry for personal power. Many of these technique junkies end up as trainers. Do you want to learn from someone who doesn’t understand the larger context of personal development?

NLP presents a rich opportunity for personal growth. However, it is far easier to merely learn the techniques, find out which ones do the tricks you want and then move on to other tricks. If this is what you are seeking, kindly move on to another NLP website. You won’t find satisfaction at the iNLP Center!

Come on, let’s sink our teeth into the depth of subjective experience, use our mind and body in a totally new way and explore how to become a person of greater character. NLP in the hands of a person with true character is a fun and powerful adventure.

So, join us! No magic bullets. No BS. Just pure exploration, application and experimentation with the greatest set of communication skills ever developed.

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