NLP: Your Mind is Not a Neurolinguistic Card Trick

If you know a few secrets and practice a little, you can master some pretty slick card tricks. Before long you will be dazzling onlookers with your expertise and finesse, controlling the outcome of a series of events that no one else can perceive. Pretty slick.

Cards can be manipulated, but your mind cannot be (for very long). Sorry. NLP won’t give you that level of control. There are no secrets you can learn to become a master of the mind and jettison past the struggles the rest of us endure. We’re all in this together and life can be difficult. NLP doesn’t alter this reality (very much).

Imagine, however, that NLP really could give you the tools that would allow you to live in a state of perfect mental control and never-ending joy, anticipating the outcome of all your actions with the greatest accuracy and consistently negotiating all mental and emotional obstacles with impressive dexterity.

What would that imply about the nature of your mind? You got it. It would require that your mind be no more complex than a common deck of cards, the kind of complexity that lends itself to easy manipulation.

That’s right. All the inflated promises and NLP hype out there are insults to your intelligence. Your mind is more vast and complex than you can possibly imagine. The brain utilizes processes that affect your thinking and behavior that you will never understand. Alas, you will never gain total control of your own mind and emotions.

Ok? Relax.

What good is NLP, then, if it doesn’t offer the magic bullet? Needing an answer to this question is sort of like wondering of what use automobiles are if they can’t transport you to your destination in the blink of an eye. Cars are great. They can get you where you need to go and a lot faster than walking, although not as fast as you’d sometimes prefer. They are largely reliable, although prone to malfunction at times, especially when neglected. Automobiles are wonderfully useful, even with the traffic jams, road rage and flat tires they have been known to invite into your life. Do you consider your car to be less valuable because it can’t beam you across the universe? No, because nothing can beam you across the universe. The comparison is meaningless.

And so it is with NLP training. It is pointless to compare the benefits of honest NLP training with the benefits of NLP training that promises instant transformation and rapid personal growth and unlimited personal power. Like a car that travels at light speed, these proposed benefits simply don’t exist. If you take training from someone promising such nonsense, you will be disappointed. The real world is a far cry from the fantasy these NLP trainers project. NLP can’t give you unlimited power. No person has ever possessed it. It is a false concept.

NLP is still the most useful set of communications skills that has come along in quite a while.

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