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Master Coach Certification Training

Taught exclusively by Mike Bundrant, the iNLP Center Master Coach Certification offers graduates the title of Master Life Coach or Master Coach. 

Prerequisite: In order to qualify for this training you must have successfully completed the iNLP Center Life Coach Certification Training. There is a cap on enrollment and not all students applying will be permitted to join the program.

The Master Coach Certification uses live coaching supervision as a baseline while teaching coaching skills in the following areas:


Based on the iNLP Center’s best-selling personal development program, the AHA Solution, as well as the book, Your Achilles Eel, this element of the master coach certification delves into the cause and cure for self-sabotage.

Limiting Belief Change

Limiting beliefs are the invisible barriers to success in every area of life. Given their complex nature, they are often resistant to change. This element of the master coach training will greatly simplify the process of identifying and altering limiting beliefs.

The Inner Critic

The inner critic may be a universal obstacle in life. It seems that everyone has that relentless inner voice that tells you how inadequate you are and what a failure you will be! How do we coach ourselves and clients to heal and move beyond such self-criticism? This is our focus in this section of the master coach program. 

Inner Conflict

A pervasive issue that prevents clients from fully committing to their goals. Often it’s the missing piece that explains all you need to know when clients say what they want but don’t follow through. 

Everything in the Life Coach Certification

Students in the master coach certification will have completed the iNLP Center life coach certification training. During the master coach training, you’ll further integrate all the coaching skills you learned in prior training. 

How it Works

The master coach certification is delivered differently than the basic life coach certification. In the master coach program, the process looks like this:

The basis for the training is live coaching demonstrations and direct supervision. You’ll learn the advanced coaching methods above by watching (and volunteering for)  live demonstrations in class. Then, you’ll practice the methods with other students between class and return to discuss and refine your skills.

New learning material will be provided on a regular basis. 


Tuition is $300 per month.

Here’s how it works. Check the iNLP Center calendar to find the six to eight class sessions held monthly. You may attend as many sessions each month as you’re able. Enrollment is ongoing, so you can join anytime and come up to speed quickly.

In order to be certified, you must actively engage the material, do the homework, and attend a minimum of 60 sessions over at least nine months. You can disenroll at any time for any reason and start and stop as needed.

Apply to Enroll

If you’re interested in enrolling, please fill out the enrollment application and we’ll be in touch. No tuition is due at this time.

Master Coach Enrollment Application

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