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Do You Have the Right Temperament to be a Life Coach?

You need to have the right temperament to be a life coach. For most people, temperament isn’t something they can simply learn. It is an ability they need to be able to bring to the table on their own to...  

Life Coach Training to Build a Business On: Here’s What it Looks Like

Rebecca Tracey from Uncaged Life,  the guru of getting real about marketing your coaching business, challenged me with a couple of direct questions about life coach training at the iNLP Center. Rather than respond via email, I wrote this post....  

Double your Life Coach Salary with These Four Tips

Can you double your life coach salary by doing some simple things that escape most coaches? Those willing to learn how life coach marketing really works can, you bet. If you’re serious about boosting your life coach salary by getting...  

How to Be a Life Coach Who Actually Succeeds – Time to Stand Out!

If you want to discover how to be a life coach who succeeds – who actually makes it – you’re going to have to be willing to do things differently than most life coaches. This post will give you the...  

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