What kind of student support do you offer?

Even though iNLP Center is an “online” training center. We have found ways to create a community atmosphere. We have quite a few options for students who wish to do more than work independently.

One main addition to our online trainings is our unlimited live training sessions. They are taught by our certified iNLP Center trainers in our online classroom, where students can utilize audio and video to ask questions, practice the exercises and connect with other students and trainers. We offer over 26 different sessions per week covering our various courses. You can find the schedule here.

Another feature we offer is our weekly webinar with Mike Bundrant. They cover mostly coaching topics and allow for volunteers to participate in the demonstrations. Students can also request topics they would like to see covered.

We also have a program called “Work Together” which allows students to find practice partners in our school, based on location, gender, and course.

And last, we have a private Facebook group where students discuss NLP topics, their coaching practices, get/give encouragement, etc.

Throughout the course and even after, you will always have access to the material, student services, our trainers, including myself and Mike Bundrant, if you have questions or need help.

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