How do your trainings work?

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Upon enrollment, you gain access to your student learning portal. This portal holds your course with it’s workbooks, audios, videos and online classroom links.

To start your learning, you go into your course and start at the top unit. Each unit has directions of what to do.

You will download your workbook for each unit (module) of the course. Your workbook will direct you when to listen to the audios, watch the videos, and complete the exercises. Additionally, you will submit your reports for your exercises in the forms on the unit page. You will receive feedback on your reports from a staff trainer.

In addition to working on the coursework, you can also attend live training sessions, with certified iNLP Center Trainers, in our online classrooms. You are not required to attend, they are an added benefit to enhance your training. We offer 20+ live training sessions per week that address the different modules of of our various courses.

When you complete all the units for each course, with a passing grade of at least 80%, you can request your certificate to be mailed or emailed to you, for no additional charge.

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