What happens to my reports after I submit them?

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GRADEBOOKAfter you submit a report, it goes into your GRADEBOOK. You can access your GRADEBOOK anytime by clicking on the GRADEBOOK link in the course navigation bar.

Within a couple days, your trainer will score your report and provide valuable feedback. You will be emailed once your report has been graded. You can check your gradebook to see your score and read feedback. You can also reply to your trainer from the feedback window as needed.

What happens if I get less than 80% on my essay?

If you did not get an 80%, don’t feel bad. Your trainer will ask you to resubmit your essay and give you feedback on what it was missing. You can simply resubmit your report into the submission box and move on. There on no limits to how many times you resubmit. You can still move on the next module while you wait for your score.

Because this is an international school, we take into consideration that English may not be your native language. We do not penalize you on grammar or articulation. Our main concern when assigning a grade is how well you understand the material. If we have difficulty understanding your meaning, we will ask for more explanation in the feedback we provide.

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