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iNLP Wraps Up Two Major Trainings This Week

(December 1, 2018) This week, iNLP Center completed it’s 10th semiannual NLP Trainer’s Training Certification course. We also finished up the first-ever Inner Dynamics Practitioner Certification.

Congratulations to all graduates in both of these courses!

Inner Dynamics

Inner Dynamics is an 8-week live, virtual training for students who have already enrolled in either the life coach training or NLP practitioner and master combo training.

The basis of Inner Dynamics is the parts model. Participants learn to identify which “parts” of themselves are getting in the way of their goals. They learn to work with those parts to resolve inner conflict and heal emotional blocks.

The parts model has roots in Jungian psychology, family systems theory, gestalt therapy, and NLP.

This was our first time teaching Inner Dynamics. The training was full and participants were pleased with their personal and professional results. We’ll hold another Inner Dynamics training beginning in February 2019.

Also, an advanced Inner Dynamics training is up for consideration in June 2019.

NLP Trainer’s Training

NLP Trainer’s Training is for people who want to conduct NLP training for the purpose of certifying NLP practitioners. Aspiring NLP trainers inherit a world of opportunity upon being certified as a trainer, given the popularity of the field, especially among life coaches.

The iNLP Center Trainer’s Training fully prepares students to conduct their own NLP practitioner certification training, with a license to use iNLP Center materials. There are a variety of ways to earn an income as a certified NLP trainer and this course prepares you to do all of them.

Courses Coming Soon to iNLP

As we continue to grow, we’ll be adding new certification courses. In 2019, iNLP plans to add several specialty coaching certification programs to the roster, including:

  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Life Purpose Coach
  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Spiritual Coach

We’re looking forward to introducing these new programs. Thanks to all the iNLP Center students who’ve made this possible!

iNLP Wraps Up Two Major Trainings This Week