iNLP Center Launches Mindfulness Training in Japan

(November 2018) The iNLP Center is ready to begin a new training initiative with a Japanese partner, Tokyo Business Laboratory, headed by certified NLP trainer Hideko Asazuma.

A new mindfulness coaching certification training is set to begin on November 11, 2018. Classes will be conducted virtually by Mike Bundrant, through interpreter Mie Oshima.

The new mindfulness coach certification is a one-of-a-kind offering in Japan. Although many Westerners know that mindfulness originated in the East, market research has revealed a surprising lack of mindfulness training there.

Ms. Asazuma reports:

We’re very excited to be the first mindfulness coach certification in Japan. It’s an honor to work with the iNLP Center, which offers the additional advantage of teaching in a convenient, virtual classroom format.

Tokyo Business Laboratory has a long and successful history of offering training for human resource professionals, therapists, and life coaches.

Ms. Asazuma is hopeful that the new training initiative, which is beginning with a full class of students, will set the stage for more advanced mindfulness training, including in-house engagements at major corporations and military establishments.

On teaching through an interpreter, Mr. Bundrant said:

I’ve been teaching through interpreters in Tokyo since 1995, with well over 300 training days under my belt. I’m used to it. Anything you can teach directly, you can also teach through a skilled interpreter.

Mr. Bundrant’s first trip to Japan also represented the first NLP certification in the country. Since then, he has spent an average of 30 days in Japan annually, certifying NLP practitioners, master practitioners, trainers, and life coaches.

In 2012 Mr. Bundrant began the transition to virtual training and invited NLP legends Steve Andreas and Michael Grinder to participate, both of whom were pleased to contribute. At the time Bundrant only offered NLP in Japan through his other company, NLP Santa Fe.

“I miss visiting Japan in person,” said Mr. Bundrant, “but these virtual classes are very effective at integrating the skills, perhaps more than in-person training. And they are so convenient and less costly.”

iNLP Center Launches Mindfulness Training in Japan