iNLP Center Co-Founder Hope Bundrant Interviewed by WP-Courseware Developer

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(November 2018) This year the iNLP Center changed learning management systems, choosing to use WP Courseware.

Changing platforms was not an easy decision for several reasons, chief among them was the sheer scope of the project. At the time, there were nearly 4,000 students enrolled in iNLP Center courses, including the ICF-accredited life coach certification and NLP training courses.

How does one change learning management systems without compromising anyone’s coursework, especially when a massive data export wouldn’t be reliable?

The other concern had to do with deciding which LMS to go with. There are many on the market that are compatible with WordPress and many others that host courses for you, such as Teachable.

Why We Chose WP-Courseware to be the iNLP Center LMS

Ultimately, we realized we wanted to maintain full control of our courses, which ruled out platforms like Teachable that host the courses for you. Using a third party who owns the LMS is a little like having a Facebook account. When the host decides to change functionality or policy, there is nothing you, the user, can do about it.

We tested no fewer than 10 learning platforms that we could host ourselves within WordPress. WP Courseware simply came out on top.

Our criteria were:

  • User friendliness
  • Course structure and flow
  • Integration with Woo Commerce
  • Ease of course creation and editing
  • Security
  • Cost

WP courseware won, hands down, in every category. When you know your criteria for purchasing something and one product ticks every single box and does it better on every level than the competition, the choice becomes clear.

We spent a full month in testing to get to that clarity, so when we finally launched WP Courseware a month after that, we were extremely hopeful.

And we’re happy to report after several more months of using the system that we are thrilled. WP Courseware has panned out! Moreover, the developer has gone out of his way to make us happy. He even interviewed iNLP Center co-founder Hope Bundrant.

iNLP Center Co-Founder Hope Bundrant Interviewed by WP-Courseware Developer

It's good to share...

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