The Most Valuable and Feared Gift You Possess

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individualityHere’s the undeniable truth:

Individuality is the most valued and most feared gift a person can possess.

Everyone has the gift of individuality. Most people avoid it as if it were poison.

Confidence and comfort with individuality is rare. This is why true individuals stand out. They are uncommon folks.

Discover what is unique about you.

What do true individuals know about themselves that most people fear to discover?

Write down thoughtful answers to the following questions and you will be on your way.

What do you do better than everyone you know?

What do you understand that few people get?

What oh-so-typical part of your personality needs a makeover?

What are you holding back?

What unique dream have you given up on?

What makes you different from most people you know?

What do you love that your friends and family do not love?

What do you enjoy that your friends and family think is nonsense?

What do you really, really want to do with your life that would not be supported by people who have their own ideas about who you are?

True individuals do not fear these questions. At least they do not allow fear to prevent them from expressing what they know to be true about themselves.

Are you expressing your life through answers to these kinds of questions? Or are you an emotionally paralyzed social conformist?

Most of all, do you know yourself?

Do you know what is most important to you, regardless of what others think?

What would happen if you gave up your need to for approval and let your interests, personality and uniqueness hang out all over the place?

What if you took that crazy dream and figured out a not-so-crazy plan to make it happen?

What if….just WHAT IF you decided to stop trying to be what you think everyone else wants to you to be and just decided to be you?

I know one thing. Your true individuality would find expression, at last.

The Most Valuable and Feared Gift You Possess

It's good to share...

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