I Help Recent Divorcee’s & Single Parents

I Help Recent Divorcee's & Single Parents

Do You Want to Take Back Control of Your Life and Become the Role Model and Superhero Your Child Looks Up To?

Is your daily grind made up of:

  • Loneliness
  • Difficulty connecting with kids
  • Time management
  • Accepting your new role as a “single-parent”
  • Overwhelming grief
  • Communicating with your ex resulting in worry & uncertainty that blocks you from moving forward?

If you relate to any of these areas then Contact me NOW to discuss further how we can work together and ease your transition to a place where you can finally see yourself becoming the parent you feel you are meant to be!

My 5-session Coaching Program Helps You with:

Getting rid of unwanted behaviours and creating positive ones. 
Learn how to create an environment of growth and positive behaviours, which is the key to success!

Developing personal skills for a better version of yourself.
Get in touch with your hobbies & self-development skills for a better future.

Create an understanding and involvement needed around your children.
It is not only you that has needs, your children have a set of needs too, which require attention and understanding.

Defining what type of parent you would like to be.
Experience the re-birth of your persona in a future like vision of who you aspire to become.

Eliciting the values and characteristics you want to live by and implementing them with your children.
When all is set and done, what values are most important, and you can follow them everyday.

This is Your Chance to Be the Parent You Were Meant to Be!

I Help Recent Divorcee's & Single Parents
Kamal Amer, Life Balance Coach & NLP Trainer
+47 95 444 934

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