Hidden Truth Miracle: A Personal Email Coaching Program

Hidden Truth Miracle: A Personal Email Coaching Program

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Status: Program FULL.

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We’re always looking for individuals who want to engage in a life changing truth experiment.

Here’s the deal. We’ve come up with a powerful new formula that utilizes the hidden truth in your psyche to change feelings and behaviors.

The formula is called The Hidden Truth Miracle. We deliver this formula to you in an individually customized email series. In other words, this email coaching happens between your personal inbox and ours. No auto-responders. This is a dynamic program just for you.

Over a period of 5 days, we’ll guide you through a formula to discover your hidden truth statement. Once you are aware of your hidden truth statement, it will become a powerful catalyst for change in your life.

And, of course, once you know the formula for creating hidden truth statements, you will be able to use it with any personal issue on your own.

Warning: As a result of this coaching formula, you will end up face-to-face with a bold, personal truth.  That truth may not be pleasant. It more than likely will be absolutely ABSURD.

You might find the absurdity hilarious. And you may find it painful. It may make you angry and you may become frustrated with us at some point along the way. Regardless, it WILL be very motivating. In fact, you may very well find yourself motivated to change like never before.

Most importantly, the Hidden Truth Miracle will give you conscious choice where none existed before. We can almost guarantee that.

Obviously, this program is for people who are ready for a very intriguing challenge. Are you?

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1.  Register for this program by clicking the Start Now button below. After paying the $39 fee, you’ll be given our personal email address reserved for this program only, with simple instructions for how to start.

2.  For 5 days, you will email us back and forth at least once daily. During these emails, we will give you short, easy and specific instructions to follow that will ultimately create your hidden truth statement.

3. Once you have your hidden truth statement, we’ll show you how to use it.


[tab_content tab_label=”Requirements for participants”]

• A desire to change at least one specific feeling or behavior that you no longer want in your life.

• A commitment to the truth no matter how unpleasant or bizarre.

• A willingness to experiment, which may require a sense of humor:)


[tab_content tab_label=”Benefits of this program”]

• A change in unwanted feelings and behaviors.
• More insight and conscious choice in stuck areas of your life.
• Greater self-respect – much greater!
• Become a more centered and mature person by confronting your hidden truths.
• It’s interesting and FUN if you allow it to be:)



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Other things you should know:

All emails are secure and confidential.
You do not need to use your real name if you don’t want to.
There will be no phone calls or Skype sessions.
This is an individual (not a group) program.
You will not be required to read or write lengthy emails.
Your time investment is up to 15 minutes daily.
If for some reason this program is not for you, then we’ll refund your fee.
Of course, this program is not mental health counseling or to be used to diagnosed medical conditions.
If you are not mentally stable, this program may be too intense for you.

As a bonus, we’ll give you a free copy of our book, Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage.

Bonus #2: At the end of your program, we’ll hand your fee right back to you in the form of a credit toward  further investment in your personal growth at the iNLP Center. If you are considering taking NLP training, getting personal coaching or doing the AHA Solution self-sabotage program, this is a no-brainer!

Here is what past participants had to say:


I have been STRONGLY CHALLENGED … and it has turned me ‘Quiet’?…

What a stubborn ‘Hothead’ I am ….  The TRUTH is still sinking in and will take a while, I’m sure,  to become part of my Conscious thinking … Who am I fooling.  I thank God that you have shone the Spotlight on It…. ONLY MYSELF!!

Already I can see the small changes as I Wake up in the morning and begin a more Motivated day  … looking after Myself, dressing, eating and thinking in a more positive attitude…. instead of hopeless despair.

Strangely enough fate would have it that I bumped into an Old Friend who was a counselor with the Samaritans in the UK …and a recovered Alcoholic.   He called me to Task as well,  during my week with you…. And his words were … Its time to choose Giselle:   It is time to COME BACK INTO REALITY… the reality of day to day living … we can CHOOSE how far down the self- destruct road we can go … and thank to your intervention I have and will stop any further decline or self-sabotage.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and grow this week.  I’ve actually had a wonderful experience and this process has really paved the way for very meaningful change in my life.  It’s lifted such a huge weight off my shoulders.  This experience has allowed me to understand some very destructive thoughts and feelings that were negatively affecting my self-esteem and relationships.  I can now release the old, out-of-date and untrue belief that choosing to be a stay-at-home mother reduces my value or is somehow settling.  I can acknowledge that being home for my family is what I truly want and feeling inadequate or less than is a pretty destructive (and silly) way of getting what I want.

I have also learned that my small health coaching practice is small for a reason – I see about 4 clients a week, and really love it!  I can stop feeling like a failure for choosing not to build a bigger practice.  And I can stop comparing myself to other coaches.  We obviously want very different things.


My personal truth statement is right on the nail! It resonates deeply.

This was a great experience! That you can quote me on.


When I read about your program, I was curious to check out what you had to offer. INLP seems very compatible with what I’ve discovered in my own life, and I want to help people change the detrimental programming in their minds. Learning from you has helped me see my own self-work from a slightly different but remarkably compatible perspective. I appreciate the value of the truth statement you’ve devised for me, and it will be put to good use.


This week I learned day three and four responses could be applied to any part of my life not just quitting smoking. I never realized that I only do things unless I know I can succeed. Much to think about. Thank you.


This week I learned the raw truth about the fact that I try to soothe my emotional pain with sugar.  I had an opportunity this evening to ‘be in the pain’ around my son.  I chose to perceive (after asking for some help from the Universe:>) that he would work through the pain he expressed earlier in the evening and to respect his boundaries by not rescuing him.  He did a fabulous job working through his triggers.  I am learning that the more I choose to visualize him as having the ability to handle his own emotions without the need to be rescued, the more that visual becomes reality.   Thank you, Mike!  This has been a great learning experience. 


I don’t know where to begin. Just realizing how long I’ve isolated myself and felt ashamed and alone is surprising. Also surprising is how I deceive myself and set myself up. I have some pretty manipulative ways of getting my husband to withdraw so I can feel indignant and justified in my own withdrawal.  Then I’m in my old world of hurt and aloneness that’s familiar and painful, and, I can blame someone else for it.  Being an outgoing person with lots of friends, also allows me to deceive myself.  But I really see how I remain removed and isolated emotionally from everyone.  All this saddens me but also gives me hope of change.

I want out of this and plan to work hard to get there.


I’ve been down this path before both in therapy and trying to deal with my issues by myself.  I always got stuck.  I would get stuck trying to decide if my underlying problem was thinking my needs are important or the ridicule I faced when I was younger for being ahead of everyone else intellectually or something else.   What I learned this week is that the details don’t matter that much.  I need to get to the end of the process, look at the final truth statement, see it as foolishness and use it as motivation for change.  I now think I was getting stuck as a second layer mechanism to prevent change.  That’s sounds confused as I read what I wrote.  But I believe it is accurate.  We’ll see if I can use the results of the course in the upcoming weeks and months to move forward.  I am optimistic.


One simple thing I have gained from this experience – It is a Columbus’ Egg – a genius thing that looks so easier after it is done.

I have to confess that during these exercises I was skeptical about the valid result of this assessment. I am familiar with the secondary gains described by Freud, and at certain point I thought that there was nothing new for me; however you have developed  a very clever way to fish those secondary gains from me.


This week, I learned how most of the decisions I make are based on my personal truth. Everyday I choose to deprive myself of good things including self love because I don’t think I’m worthy.  I’m going to change that now.  I’m a visual learner, so I’ve decided to post the behaviours I don’t want anymore on my bedroom wall, with an alternative, positive, self-loving choice.


Thank you for your help! Last week was very interesting one, indeed.

The most important thing I realized was how strong my rejection attachment actually is. With my anger I’m repeating my feeling of being rejected by my ex-wife over and over again. And of course the whole history of (many times self inflected) rejections too.

I already knew that I used the anger to stimulate myself emotionally and was hooked in that feeling, but last week I finally understood why. After the realization I have been more understanding for my and other persons behavior too. Let’s enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts 🙂 But I seriously believe that this has been a step forward.


That this is a learned behavior and not one I’m particularly proud of, and therefore will be changing.  I am most proud when I am demonstrating control of my life and emotions through open curiosity in the present moment and unconditional love – to both myself and others.

Thank you for helping me spot the Eel!


This week I learned that sometimes you need outside help to push past what you are able to get to on your own.  Sometimes outside help gets you to see beyond your own limited thinking and every step closer to the truth gives you an ounce of freedom and the ability to feel lighter.

Thanks also for sharing your truth statement, which I can relate to as well and the other information you shared. 


This week I learned what honesty really means.

This week I felt a relief that truth brings.
This week I saw a glimmer of light at the end of a dark tunnel.
                               Thanks Mike and Hope.


Hidden Truth Miracle: A Personal Email Coaching Program