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Before you enroll in just any NLP training, it is critical that you discover what makes each training center different.

Top 5 Questions to ask…

1. Is there an underlying philosophy, or do the trainers merely offer a series of techniques?

2. Does the teaching seem like a fit for you? Does it work with your schedule and budget?

3. Is the training a one-time shot or can you go back and refresh as needed?

4. Is the material comprehensive or is the center just a certification mill?

5. Most of all – do you get an AHA? Or is it just the same old stuff?

Taking NLP should really open your eyes and it is the trainer’s job to blow your mind with insight that you have never considered before. Put your NLP training center to the test! Plus, if your plan is to teach it, wouldn’t you like to offer your students something unique?

This is why we invite you to watch our free NLP Introduction Webinar. Just put your email address in the form below and you will be instantly redirected to the webinar. We guarantee you haven’t heard this before!




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