Find Success as a Creative Entrepreneur

With this powerful coaching program you will have tools to successfully integrate creative work with other responsibilities”

As a writer, author, publisher, Career Counselor, and Certified Life Coach, I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed, distracted and not valued for your creative work. Learning to communicate my strengths, honor my values, and focus on what is most important gave me the success I was looking for. We all have distractions whether environmental, emotional, or physical. Distractions don’t need to be obstacles for completing your writing, artistic, or design work.

By focusing on your own values and what is most important to you, without feeling pressured by media, culture, or important people in your life, you can find success and fulfillment.

In this Coaching Package for Creative Entrepreneurs who want
to find more success in their work you will:

Gain the tools to successfully integrate creative work with other responsibilities.

You will learn what is most important to you so you can measure your success based on your values without feeling the pressure from family, friends and media.

Have greater confidence for valuing and communicating your passion and creative work.

Discover your strengths so you can better communicate your value to your clients and support systems.

Develop the ability to focus on the work that is most important to you.

Discover why you are doing the work you do and prioritize your focus based on your values.

Believe in yourself enough to share your values, strengths, and vision with others and create time and space for your work.

Begin to bring friends, family, and colleagues into your circle to respect and support your work.

Nancy J. Miller
Nancy J. Miller, M.S.
Career Counselor & Certified Life Coach

This Coaching Package for Creative Entrepreneurs includes:

  • 4 private 45-minute coaching sessions with Nancy J. Miller
  • Bonus: “Creative LifeWork Success Plan: Your Personal Plan for Success”

Price: $299 USD

Learn how to successfully integrate creative work with other responsibilities
by contacting Nancy using the form below or by visiting her website.

Complimentary 30-minute consultation is available to see if this is right for you.

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