An Exclusive Interview with Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars

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Carrie-Ann-InabaCarrie Ann Inaba’s Top Six Health Tips

We’ve seen Carrie Ann Inaba as the no-nonsense judge on ABC’s hit Dancing with the Stars. It is also inspiring to learn that Carrie Ann Inaba is very well educated in matters related to health and well-being.

Given the opportunity to speak with her, I wanted to find out what her best suggestions would be to someone seeking to improve his or her health.

I was delighted to learn that her much of her advice is uncommonly good – going beyond typical tips and tricks and into a deeper realm of wisdom that lends itself to broad application. Read on and see if you agree…

Mike: If you were sitting down with a friend who wanted to move into a healthier lifestyle, what would you suggest?

Carrie Ann Inaba Tip #1

Everyone goes though ups and downs with their health, whether it’s with sickness or even emotional health. Life takes a toll on us. So I think the most important thing is to be open to trying various treatments. Recently, I went to biofeedback. It was amazing! Have you heard of Quantum Biofeedback? It was incredible and it goes along with my beliefs.

So I think it’s smart to find healthy programs and activities that you enjoy and that you believe in – and to be open to believing in different types of experiences. I’ve always been the type of person who is open to trying new approaches. Treatment usually gets positive results with me because I’m open minded and positive about it. I think that’s half the battle in staying healthy – to have a healthy mindset about it and to be open to possibilities.

Carrie Ann Inaba Tip #2

The next important principle is to look at your body, spirit and your mind as whole – to take a holistic approach. A lot of people in Los Angeles, for example, work out in order to be thin. Being thin isn’t necessarily all there is to it, though. Being thin is just one aspect of health.

We all should have goals of being well-rounded and healthy. We all have different body shapes and styles according to our DNA and we need to respect that and not push the limits. In addition to being thin we can ask ourselves if we’re also emotionally healthy and happy in our lives and our relationships. Or are we cranky, crabby and hungry all the time? That doesn’t work.

As a dancer I was always struggling to be thin. In that struggle I know my state of being wasn’t the best. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel free. Everything in my life revolved around getting to the gym to work out – and that was really sad. I didn’t get to try a lot of foods that I now enjoy.

I didn’t have the balance in my body and in my life that I now have. Now I don’t struggle to be an unhealthy, though thin person. As I approach my 40’s, I am beginning to really appreciate myself as a whole. I wish someone had taught me that earlier.

Carrie Ann Inaba Tip #3

Beauty is within. I once had treatment from a therapist who was working on my muscles to elongate them. She was 40-something and had this incredible glow about her that was simply beautiful, but not the kind of beauty you see in the fashion magazines. She wore no make up, but she had vitality and an inner light that made her beautiful.

She told me that once you hit age 30, your body will start to disintegrate. That’s just the natural process of life. It’s the inner light – your health – that really needs to shine. At the time I really didn’t grasp her comments, but now I am beginning to understand. It really does help me to focus on happiness and inner qualities such as my state of being and give more importance to these.

Mike: I know the experience you’re talking about – when you look at someone and you just know they’ve made the sacrifices, exercised their discipline or “paid their dues” in order to be healthy in every way.

Carrie Ann Inaba: It’s very simple, but it takes a lot of effort. We need to really get to know our bodies and our individual needs.

Carrie Ann Inaba Tip #4

In this day and age, we need to learn about the environment. There are so many toxins now. We need to be aware because we need to make up for what the environment is putting into our system. We’re lucky because we can have anything we want.

If we need more energy, there are energy drinks at the snap of our fingers. There are so many products available to suit our every whim. But along with all those things there are toxins. We need to be aware and keep ourselves cleansed.

Carrie Ann Inaba Tip #5

Take care of your Spirit. The best way to do this is to be aware of people around you. When I’m having a bad day I find the most helpful thing is to do something kind for someone I don’t know. When I do this my whole state of being changes.

I’m happier and life feels better somehow – like I’m resonating at a higher frequency. When we’re doing this we are attracted to better food, better activities and begin to benefit from the principle that “like attracts like.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Tip #6

I haven’t spoken the obvious. We need to exercise. My whole life is about movement. I highly suggest movement, as we tend to get too much into our head these days. So we need to get back into our bodies through yoga, kickboxing, rebounding, walking or whatever works.

Do something physical every day – even if it is doing simple stretches. Do what works for you at your own pace. This is so important.

And most of all, don’t ignore what you know.

Mike: I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I believe if we lined up 100 people and asked each of them to name some things they could be doing to care for their health that they aren’t presently doing, that most people could list several things.

Why don’t we apply what we know?

Carrie Ann Inaba: That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? I just read a book recently that reminded me to “stop pretending like I don’t know.” I was embarrassed because it reminded me that I have been avoiding a lot that I’ve learned over the years while studying movement and health. There are so many things I knew I should be doing that I was ignoring.

What are you ignoring?

Carrie Ann Inaba may be the hardest working woman in show business. The graceful beauty’s original, creative choreography can be seen in nearly every hit show on television including “American Idol” and the opening credits of  “So You Think You Can Dance.” Now as the honest, forthcoming judge on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” she brings her style and sass to the foreground.

An Exclusive Interview with Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars

It's good to share...

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