Does NLP Work? A Unique Perspective

Does NLP work?Does NLP work?

This is a question I get from time to time and I have a definite answer.

Not everyone likes the answer, but it’s true!

I’ve written on the scientific validity of NLP in my response to the NLP Wikipedia page. Now, let’s talk more practically about effectiveness  – how NLP works and how it is best used when NLP does work.

NLP works like any tool. It can be used to create something worthwhile or it can be used by schmucks.

So, I worry when people ask, “Does NLP work?” because they might be assuming there is something magical going on  – as if NLP were supposed to give them special powers. Often, people in search of special powers are trying to cheat – cheat Life, or even cheat others.

People interested in special powers to manipulate may wonder if NLP is effective toward their devious goals. They are looking for vehicles like NLP to deliver those powers. These folks are not welcome at the iNLP Center. We turn them away.

But, does NLP work to manipulate people?

NLP can be very effective as a communication tool. But if you use NLP improperly, you end up:

• Offending people who feel manipulated

• Offending people who feel you are prying

• Offending people who feel you are trying to fix them, as if they were a robot

• Ripping people off by promising fantasy results

• In general, making a fool out of yourself because you think you are superhuman

If you are wondering if NLP works, consider the following:

Any tool is only as useful as its user is intelligent and ethical. You can use a hammer to build a house or vandalize one. The hammer is just a tool and it won’t do anything in and of itself.

Does NLP Work? Well, does a hammer work?

It’s the same concept. NLP won’t do anything for you. You will do something wonderful with NLP if you use it ethically and with respect for yourself and other people.

This is why at the iNLP Center we insist on teaching a deeper NLP, one that encourages a significant amount of personal growth and responsibility. Our first NLP practitioner certification module dives into the deepest material available in the world of psychology – attachments. Schmucks aren’t interested in their unconscious attachments!

Understanding your deeper psychological attachments is the holy grail of personal development. Those who have a handle of this aspect of their psyche don’t need to ask “does NLP work.” They just use the extraordinary tools to build something wonderful.


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