Day 3 Completed! You’ve earned one more Will Point!

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You earned a Will Point. Way to Go!


How does it feel to be growing your Willpower? Keep taking these baby steps and you will be walking in Willpower! Feel free to go back anytime and work on the behaviors your missed.
Keep going and get more tomorrow!

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Will Points are part of the iNLP Center 5-Day Willpower Boot Camp.
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You’ll be on your way to higher willpower in no time!

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Hope Bundrant

Director at iNLP Center
Hope Bundrant is the director and co-founder of the iNLP Center. She has a BFA from the California State University of Fullerton and has completed postgraduate education at Harvard Business School. Hope is happily married to Mike Bundrant and manages their circus of teenage monkeys. If you have questions, please contact her at [email protected]
Hope Bundrant

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