Dating, Relating and Mating – How to Get it Right!

Are you tired of having unfulfilled relationships, one right after another, even though you thought you were doing everything right? Learn about the…

Breakthrough Philosophy Proven to Create Fulfilling Romantic Relationships That Stand the Test of Time

“Relationships are difficult.”
“Relationships are a ton of work!”

This is the nearly universal consensus of those who have not discovered how long-term romance really works.

 We can approach relationships with caution or dive right in. But, when you are missing the fundamentals (which are not taught by most parents, teachers or even psychologists), these relationships end in failure.

For some time now, my wife Hope and I have wanted to create a world-class romantic relationship course to solve this problem. We wanted to help people enjoy a love life that actually lives up to its full potential.

After months of research, we finally realized that we already knew the best course in the world on how to get your romantic relationships right.

In fact, we were one of the first couples to benefit from this course!

I’ve known my friend and colleague, Jake Eagle, since 1994. Years ago, when Jake was developing his Dating ∞ Relating ∞ Mating (DRM) philosophy, I had the privilege of learning it from him directly, before it was available to the public.

Hope and I then used the DRM model to co-create our own marriage. 

So, when Jake made his program available online (I like to think I convinced him to do so), Hope and I knew we needed to share it with you.

The DRM Course Makes the Following 
Statement a Very Real Possibility:

Romantic relationships actually CAN be easy.

Those vicious circles of bickering, power struggles and defensiveness are all completely avoidable once you invest in learning how to create a healthy relationship. Best of all, any confusion about whether or not you’re with the right person comes to an end.

When you follow the Dating ∞ Relating ∞ Mating method — and practice the easy-to-learn skills, you can create an easy-going and loving partnership.

And you can begin right where you are, whether or not you are currently in a relationship.

The Dating ∞ Relating ∞ Mating model consists of three stages. Amazingly, most people actually get the stages backward, which is why so many relationships struggle with incompatibility, unmet expectations, endless arguing and emotional distance.

Listen to DRM co-developer Jake Eagle describe how this program works:

The Three Essential Phases of
Romantic Relationships that Really Work

The Dating, Relating and Mating e-course is broken down into three phases:

I. Dating… Done Right

The Dating stage only lasts 2-3 months. It should be fun, easy, and uncomplicated. If it isn’t, you’re probably jumping ahead too fast or you may be with the wrong person.

During the Dating stage, you’ll learn how to:

• Make sure you and your partner have great chemistry without risking jumping into bed too quickly.

• Be intolerant of things that are unacceptable to you. Believe it or not, intolerance is the lost key to success in the dating stage.

• Not jump ahead and start Relating (working on issues). If you dive too deep, too fast with a potential romantic partner, the fun quickly disappears and you begin to “work out issues” with someone who is, in reality, a stranger. This is a set up for failure.

II. Relating: Where The Real Relationship Begins

The Relating stage usually lasts about two years before you can really decide to become life partners. 

This is the stage where you work out your differences, build a solid foundation for healthy problem solving and co-create an easy, loving partnership.

Warning: If don’t get the Dating stage right, the effectiveness of the Relating stage will be severely compromised.

During the Relating stage, you will learn:

•  How to determine if your personal styles, values, and dreams are compatible. The DRM program provides a crystal clear and simple method for anyone to evaluate these critical compatibility points.

•  Five specific agreements that will replace almost all of your arguments. Yes, in a healthy relationship, agreements can actually eliminate arguments. However, you must come to these agreements in the Relating stage. The Dating stage is too early and the Mating stage may be too late.

•  How to effectively ask for what you want, instead of complaining about what you didn’t get.

III. Mating: Celebrate Your Love

The Mating stage is making a long-term commitment that is wired for success. This stage is all about deepening your intimacy and celebrating your love for one another.

During the Mating stage you will learn:

•  How to see each other for who you really are instead of trying to fix or control one another.

•  To turn toward one another instead of away from each other — even in the hardest of times.

•  How to communicate while avoiding blame, personal attacks, and feelings of abandonment.

•  To maturely express your deepest emotions without fear of being judged.

Is it Time for You to Get Romantic Relationships Right?

Merely wanting a fulfilling relationship is never enough. If it were, everyone would have one.

Believing that you know how to create the perfect relationship, in spite of uncomfortable evidence to the contrary, is a sure ticket to frustration.

Thinking that it’s everyone else’s fault is the worst possible sign. It means that you are not ready for a fulfilling commitment to another healthy individual.

You must do something different, which is only possible if you learn something new. If a deeply satisfying romantic relationship has escaped you thus far in life, you need to learn a proven method that will give you the successful and truly happy relationship that you not only desire, but deserve.

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