The Milton Model, As If Frame, Process Instructions Exercise

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The NLP Milton Model: The Milton Model is the inverse of the Meta Model. It is patterned after the hypnotic techniques of Milton Erickson, MD, known as the most influential practitioner of medical hypnosis in modern history.

The Milton Model teaches you the language of influence – how to motivate, inspire and create change just by using words in a chosen pattern.

Again, we’ve taken the time to break down these linguistic concepts into easily manageable learning chunks so that the skills can be years without confusion or overwhelm.

Process Instructions Exercise: This can be used to inspire automatic change without knowing the content. In other words, you can guide someone choose a problem and solve it out knowing what they are working on.

Understanding the Milton Model is the key to this kind of work. The Process Instructions Exercise shows you specifically how to do it.

The As-If Frame Technique: This popular Milton Model method helps people solve problems from a future perspective. Guide someone into the future where they can learn how they overcame any difficulty, then bring them back to the present with new insight that leads to change.

• Gain greater influence and persuasive power
• Encourage change without prying into content
• Help others access internal resources
• Gracefully guide people through problems and decisions
• Downloadable Manual
• 14 Audio Guides
• 1 Video Demonstration
• 2 Exercises
• 1 Stealth Mission
• 1 Psyche Builder
• 4 Question Essay Test


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