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1-on-1 Life Coaching

Your personal coach should have an impact upon you that lasts…

When you do personal coaching with Mike Bundrant, you get free access to our online NLP training center for the duration of your coaching, where you will have 24/7 access to our NLP and personal development program.

All life coaching is done over Skype or the telephone.

Personal coaching is, at its core, the simple act of one person helping another. No fancy diagnoses. No prospect of medication. No hint of authoritarianism. A good life coach doesn’t practice pretended authority or need to hide behind the veil of a fancy degree and a one-way relationship. High quality life coaching is real, not a power play. Read more about Personal Coaching with Mike Bundrant.

willpowerYou can answer this question for yourself: What would your life be like if you had all the willpower you’d ever need?

In other words, your willpower would be high enough that you are simply not tempted to make poor choices for yourself. Apply this imagined willpower to any problem area of your life and see what it would do!

What difference would it make for you?

Chances are that willpower would make a significant difference! If not, then you may not need more will power.

To create more will power than you had last week, you need to begin by understanding what will power is. Then, you’ll learn seven simple steps that you can begin to apply immediately. Read more about our 5-Day Willpower Boot Camp.









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